eMMC 5.2 will appear at the end of 2017, UFS 3.0 will appear next year

As people require super large storage space towards smartphones and tablet computer, storage technology has undergone relentless innovation. The most common flash storage protocols are eMMC 5.1 and UFS 2.1. Recent news suggests that new-generation flash storage protocols like eMMC 5.2 and UFS 3.0 have entered the late development stage. The eMMC 5.2 standard is estimated to appear at the end of this year, and the UFS 3.0 standard is expected to show up in the early of 2018.
eMMC and UFS standard
Nowadays, smartphone’s main performance depends on SoC and RAM. But many people have ignored that different flash storage will also bring the different experience. At present, the ordinary phone, tablet computer, and memory card all basically have used eMMC 5.1 and UFS 2.1 protocols. At present, eMMC 5.1 can provide a maximum speed up to 400MB/s. UFS 2.1 can reach the speed up to 1,166MB/s, which is much faster than eMMC 5.1. The huge difference in their speeds resulted from their different work modes.

The new-generation eMMC 5.2 and UFS 3.0 transport protocols now are under development. UFS 3.0 has received more attention than eMMC 5.2 as its maximum speed can reach 2,400MB/s. It is said that Qualcomm’s next-generation flagship – Snapdragon 845 will still not support UFS 3.0 because this standard is still unsure.

UFS 3.0



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