Nokia To Unveal Two New Smart Phones And A Modern Nokia 3310

Maker of Nokia mobile phones is planning to announce 4 mobile phones at the Mobile World Congress. HMD Global Oy is the company that presently has the right to market phones under the stored Nokia brand. The company will announce two new smart phones and one normal phone at Mobile World Congress later this month. This information was gotten from a person briefed on the company’s plan. Nokia revealed the Nokia 6 information some weeks ago in China. The Nokia 6 has been launched in China but not in any other country.
HMD Global Oy is also planning on revealing less sophisticated phones like the Nokia 5. Nokia is planning on revealing the Nokia 5 and the Nokia 3. The Nokia 5 and the Nokia 3 will both run the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. The Nokia 6 features a full HD, 5.5-inch display and a Snapdragon 430 system-on-chip. It is also equipped with a 4GB RAM and a 16-megapixel primary camera. The upcoming Nokia 3 and the upcoming Nokia 5 will be less expensive than the Nokia 6.

Nokia To Unveal Two New Smart Phones And A Modern Nokia 3310
Although HMD Global Oy has not said anything official about the Nokia 5 but there have been rumours about the phone. The Nokia 5 is said to feature the same Snapdragon 430 system-on-chip that was used in the Nokia 6. The screen size of the Nokia 5 will be reduced to 5.2-inches. Nokia 5 will be equipped with a RAM which is half of that in the Nokia 6. The RAM will be 2GB and the primary camera will be 12-megapixels.
The reduction in features will make the Nokia 5 less expensive than the Nokia 6. Also,the reduction in features will make the Nokia 5 sell at a price which is €50 less than the price of the Nokia 6. The Nokia 6 is presently sold for about €249, so the upcoming Nokia 5 should sell at about €199. The Nokia 3 will sell at a cheaper price. The Nokia 3 should be sold for about €149, which is another €50 less.

Nokia To Unveal Two New Smart Phones And A Modern Nokia 3310

Perhaps the most exciting news is not about the Nokia 6, Nokia 5 or Nokia 3. According to mobile enthusiasts, the most exciting thing is about another mobile phone. The most exciting is HMD Global Oy’s decision to bring back Nokia 3310. The company wants to produce a new version of the Nokia 3310. Nokia 3310 is a very popular and loved Nokia product. Nokia 3310 is well-known for its plentiful battery life and nearly indestructible build. The Nokia 3310 was released at the turn of the millennium as a replacement to the also-popular 3210.
The Nokia 3310 will be sold at just €59. The price is low enough for lovers of the Nokia 3310. The phone can be used by nostalgic former users, as a second phone. HMD Global Oy is planning to launch its mobile phones later this month. The launch is scheduled to take place on February 26 in Spain. The launching will take place in Barcelona. HMD Global Oy is targeting mainly the European marketplace. It is unknown if HMD Global Oy has planned to distribute to the other regions.

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