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Samsung Galaxy X with foldable screen will be launched next year

The Latest news suggests that Samsung’s first foldable phone – the Galaxy X will be launched next year. Koh Dong Jin, the CEO of Samsung mobile department, has expressed this September that Samsung is planning to launch the foldable device in 2018 and Samsung has applied for some patents in relative fields.
Samsung foldable screen
At present, the latest news suggests that Samsung will use the plastic material to produce foldable screen whose curvature will reach 1.0R, which means that the screen can nearly be folded like a piece of paper. Of course, except Samsung, Apple and LG have also been developing foldable screen. Recently, Apple has submitted an application for foldable iPhone. It is rumored that LG will provide the screen for Apple’s this device. As for LG, it plans to release its first foldable screen whose curvature will reach 2.5R in 2018. In 2019, LG will launch the screen whose curvature will reach 1.0R.

Undoubtedly, the foldable screen will become popular after full screen in the market within next few years.


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