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Samsung’s upcoming Exynos 9180 processor will supports CDMA

Samsung mobile processor has high performance, but it doesn’t support CDMA network, which has been its biggest disadvantage. Therefore, smartphones in China have rarely adopted Samsung flagship-level processor for it doesn’t support all the networks in China. But Samsung will add CDMA network support to its next-generation processor.

Exynos 9180

A source suggested that Samsung’s next-generation processor will be named Exynos 9810. This processor is rumored to adopt Exynos M3 and be built using the 10nm process. The most important is that Exynos 9810 will support CDMA network to achieve supporting all the networks in China. The chip will make its first appearance on the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy 9+’ launch event. And the Note 8 is expected to be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor’s upgraded version – Snapdragon 836.

Samsung doesn’t seem to adopt Exynos 9810 for its own smartphone which will be exported to China via legal channels because Samsung has already had Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. But it is good news for those users who prefer to buy overseas edition smartphones. Besides, it is also good news for Meizu, which is a Samsung’s long-term cooperative partner.


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