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ThinkPad T440

Device Info

The ThinkPad T series is designed for the user who thinks highly of performance. However, with the performance enchantment of Intel’s ultra-low-voltage (ULV) processor, at present, the ThinkPad T440 and the ThinkPad T440s are powered by ULV processor so as to reduce power consumption and heat production. In this way, the laptop can improve portability and prolong battery life. As for those users who prefer high performance, the ThinkPad T440p will be the best choice for you since it is powered by a quad-core i7 processor and comes with a discrete graphics card.

The ThinkPad T440 has low specification than the ThinkPad T440s. As far as the screen is concerned, the ThinkPad T440s comes with full HD IPS screen (the best choice) while the ThinkPad T440 features the TN screen with the resolution of 1,600 pixels by 900 pixels. Obviously, the ThinkPad T440s can bring better color effect and wider viewing angle than the ThinkPad T440 does. But compared with other mainstream laptops, such screen that the ThinkPad T440 features show is an advantage in content presentation excel processing and document viewing.

The difference between the ThinkPad T440 and the ThinkPad T440s is the specification. In short, the ThinkPad T440s boosts of higher specification than the ThinkPad T440. Besides, ThinkPad T440 is cheaper. Therefore, ThinkPad T440 is specially designed for those who prefer stability, use of comfort, security and stability to high performance.

The left side of the ThinkPad T440 provides a square power interface (Not compatible with the round interface that the old version provides), a mini DisplayPort and a USB 3.0 which support charging. The ports on the right include an earphone and microphone two-in-one port an SD, a USB3.0, an RJ-45, a VGA and lock.

ThinkPad T440 still adopts the built-in and external dual battery design. It sports a 23.5Wh built-in battery which enables it to work for around two hours. Its external battery options include a 3 cells battery and a 6 cells battery. The external battery options are also accessible to the Lenovo ThinkPad T440s. The three-cell battery comes with a capacity of 24Wh while the six-cell battery comes with a capacity of 72Wh. If you don’t work a lot on the move, then the three-cell battery can satisfy daily use.

The ThinkPad T440 with the three-cell external battery weighs 1.734kg. If added a power adapter, the T440 weighs 2.036kg. These data show that the ThinkPad T440 (with three-cell external battery) is much lighter than most 14-inch laptops.