IPhone 8 sample model exposed with a round full display

It is universally acknowledged that the iPhone’s advent has changed our world. As the leading innovator in the world, Apple will finally launch iPhone’s 10th-anniversary special version this year, which has been the good news for its fans.

Recently a set of pictures rumored to be sample model of the iPhone 8’s special version have appeared on the Twitter. From the pictures, the iPhone 8 special version has adopted the full display design and came with the round screen and frame. Its front camera and sensor have been placed over the full display on the phone’s front.


The special version adopts a vertical dual camera setup at the back, and its flash light seems to be placed in the middle of the dual vertical cameras. It applies asymmetric design to its loudspeaker and microphone. The smartphone still adopts the Lighting port at the bottom. We are wondering if Apple can change the world again with its full display smartphone.

David Tian

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