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HP Pavilion 15-ck000 Disassembly and RAM, SSD and HDD upgrade options

Today’s young people’s computer needs are beginning to develop thin and light, and they want the laptop while thin and also take into account the strong performance. Although we have seen many of the available light gaming laptops on the market with MAX-Q graphics card, the price cannot afford for many friends. However, with the recent popularity of Intel eighth-generation Core processor and the GeForce MX150 graphics card, so that the thin gaming laptop has become possible. This time we disassemble the HP Pavilion 15-ck000 is such a product.

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HP Pavilion 15-ck000

Its bottom cover is made of plastic material, and it has an air inlet, which makes it easy for cold air to enter into the fuselage. In addition to visible three screws securing the bottom cover, there are two hidden screws under two foot pads on the top of the bottom cover.
After unscrewing the screws on the back cover, carefully pry open all the fasteners along the edge. It should be noted that the fixed fasteners are more and tight, you need a little bit of patience to pry open them.
HP Pavilion 15-ck000 bottom cover

After opening the bottom cover, you can see the Pavilion 15 uses a single fan and single copper tube design. With two memory slots and maximum support for 16GB memory, it comes with an M.2 SSD and a 2.5″ HDD. Unlike most thin and light ultrabook, the Pavilion 15 allows users to easily upgrade the memory, SSD, and hard drives.
HP Pavilion 15-ck000 internal picture

Different from the traditional ultrabook’s battery connector, the built-in battery is connected to the motherboard with metal contacts.
remove HP Pavilion 15-ck000 battery

HP Pavilion 15-ck000 comes with a 11.55V, 3470mAh Li-polymer battery, HP P/N: 920046-541, HSTNN-UB7J.
As a 15-inch notebook, its battery capacity is still a little smaller.
HP Pavilion 15-ck000 battery

It comes with a Samsung 8GB DDR4 2400MHz memory, and users can add an 8GB memory to constitute 16GB dual channel memory, running large programs can be more rapid.
HP Pavilion 15-ck000 RAM

The Intel 360GB M.2 PCIe SSD is most often found on HP’s laptops recently. The M.2 SSD + HDD combination of hard drive compared with single drive solutions, users do not need to spend more cost to buy large capacity SSD. The mechanical hard drives can be upgraded to 2TB, so users do not need to worry about capacity problems.
HP Pavilion 15-ck000 SSD

The HP Pavilion 15-ck000 features an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168 Wi-Fi adapter. It supports 802.11ac, dual-band and Bluetooth 4.2.
HP Pavilion 15-ck000 Wi-Fi card

After removing the wireless network card, you can see the internal structure of the left I/O board. The I/O board is connected to the motherboard by the cable.
HP Pavilion 15-ck000 I/O board

This small board integrates a 3.5mm headphone jack.
3.5mm headphone jack

The I/O board, it is worth noting that the power button is also integrated here, in case the power button is damaged, you can easily repair and replace.
HP Pavilion 15-ck000 I/O board

The touch pad has a special metal baffle to ensure that it doesn’t collapse when pressed.
HP Pavilion 15-ck000 touch pad

The surface of the touchpad is covered with a layer of glass to ensure a smooth touch feel.
HP Pavilion 15-ck000 touch pad

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  1. 1) Hi, but can I know if the Killer Wifi 1550 would work fine on this laptop?

    2) Does the laptop really support PCIE NVME M.2 SSD? A seller told me it cannot support PCIE.

  2. I will replace the screen because it is broken, can I switch it with a touch screen? What type is used?

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