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Best Laptop Graphics Card Ranking – 2019

Comparison of Laptop Graphics Cards

Nowadays NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel are the only three laptop graphics card manufacturers in the market. NVIDIA and AMD focus on discrete graphics card while Intel mainly specializes in integrated graphics card for laptop processors. As we all know, integrated graphics card usually has low performance. At present, NVIDIA has dominated the laptop graphics card market, while AMD occupied the lower share of the market compared with NVIDIA. Now, let’s have a look at the best laptop graphics card ranking list. For users who plan to make the first purchase on the laptop, our best laptop GPU ranking list will be of good help.

For the user who intends to buy a laptop with the graphics card for computer game, a laptop with GeForce 1000 series graphics card will be a good choice. If the user needs to use the laptop to play the game such as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds which has high demand on the graphics card, then a laptop with GTX1050Ti or higher version will be good.

But if the user only needs to play common 3D online games like CF and Lol, and then a laptop with AMD series graphics card like MX150 and MX130 can satisfy such requirement. Even the UHD620/HD620 integrated graphics card from Intel’s processor can basically meet the demand.

Best Laptop Graphics Card Ranking List

GeForce 700M GeForce 800M GeForce 900M GeForce 1000 Radeon R400 Radeon R300M Radeon R200M Radeon HD 8000M Intel
GTX 980M
GTX1060 R9 M395X
GTX1050Ti R9 M395 R9 M295X
GTX 880M GTX 970M R9 M390X
GTX 780M GTX1050 R9 M290X
GTX 870M RX460 HD 8970M
R9 M390
GTX 770M R9 M385X
GTX 860M (1152SP) GTX 960M R9 280X
GTX 765M GTX 950M R9 M385 Iris Pro 580
GTX 860M
R9 M380
GTX 760M GTX 850M R9 M375X R9 M275X
MX150 R9 M375 HD 8870M
GT 755M GT 940MX R9 M370X R9 M270X Iris 550/540
MX130 Vega 10CU/8CU
GT 750M GT 940M R7 2700 R9 M365X R9 M265X HD 8850M Iris Pro 6200
GT 840M GT 930MX MX110
GT 745M GT 930M R5 2600 Iris 6100
GT 740M GT 825M GT 920MX UHD 620/Iris Pro 5200
GT 920M R7 M360 R7 M260X HD 620
GT 830M R7 M265 HD 8790M Iris 5100
GT 730M R7 M260 HD 8670M
GT 735M
GT 820M HD 8570M HD 5000
GT 720M
710M HD 530/520/515
R5 M255
R5 M330
R5 M230 HD 510
HD 4400
GT 810M
HD 4200
HD 4000

2018 laptop graphics card purchase tips

Since now NVIDIA is the main manufacturers in the laptop graphics card market, we will first take NVIDIA graphics card into consideration. This year, NVIDIA’s new generation GTX1000 series graphics card including GTX1080, GTX1070, GTX1060, GTX1050Ti and GTX1050 are good choice. But if you aren’t satisfied with the price, you can choose relatively cheaper NVIDIA graphics card including GTX980M, GTX970M, GTX965M, GTX960M, and GTX950M. As for AMD, at present, its graphics card in the market is the old generation graphics card which has poorer performance than NVIDIA’s graphics card with regard to the framework and power consumption. Therefore, the laptop coming with AMD discrete graphics card is not common to see in the market.

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