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Acer Swift 5 SF514-52 Disassembly and M.2 SSD upgrade options

Recently, the Acer Swift 5 SF514-52 is a 14-inch ultrathin portable laptop which has received much popularity in the market. The laptop weighs 970g, and its thickness is only 14.9mm. Besides, it is powered by Intel’s eighth-generation Core i5-8250U processor and comes with 8GB of RAM coupled with 256GB SSD. The laptop has an excellent appearance and high specification. How about its internal design? Today, let’s start the disassembly of the Acer Swift 5 SF514-52 to see its internal structure.
Acer Swift SF514-52
First of all, we will remove the back cover. There are eleven screws in total on the back cover of the laptop.
remove the back cover
After taking out all the screws on the back cover, use a clip to remove the back cover.
remove the back cover
Remove the back cover, and then the internal structure including the heat dissipation module, battery, motherboard, SSD and other main components can be seen. There reserve two places for the M.2 SSD on the left bottom, which suggests that the laptop fully utilize its internal space.
internal structure
The heat dissipation module uses turbofan.
heat dissipation module
The laptop has two slots for M.2 2280 SSD, which makes it convenient for the user to expand storage space.
places for SSD
Heat sink module
Heat Dissipation
The heat sink fin adopts ultrathin design.
heat dissipation fin
The fan with more blades can produce lower noise and increase the flux of wind at high speed of rotation.
Intel’s Core i5-8250U processor, it integrates a UHD 620 graphics card.
Intel’s Core i5-8250U
The RAM boosts of four DDR3L with the capacity of 2GB.
The motherboard of the Acer Swift SF514-52 has high integration and excellent workmanship.
There are some components on the back of the motherboard.
The laptop comes with SK Hynix 256GB M.2 SSD which supports SATA protocol.
The wireless network adaptor uses Intel’s 7265AC which supports 2.4G and 5G dual band.
wireless network adaptor
It sports a 36Wh battery which can guarantee the laptop work up to eight hours.
The CMOS battery is placed under the SSD.
motherboard and battery
The loudspeaker is on the right. The Swift SF514-52 uses the high-quality dual loudspeaker. The tune trope has a reasonable size.
The loudspeaker on the left
The audio and the indicator light are placed on a small vice board. They are connected to the motherboard via wire ribbon.
audio and indicator light
After the disassembly, we find that the Acer Swift 5 SF514-52 not only boost of excellent appearance but also good internal structure. The laptop has ample internal space which contributes to a certain extent to heat dissipation. Besides, the place for dual M.2 SSD is also the laptop’s highlight as an ultrabook product.



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  1. Hi, do you know what type of SSD drives the socket supports?
    Is it possible to add as a second NVMe drive? or its have to be SATA?

  2. It is supposed to have a SODIMM socket for expanding memory, but I don’t see it, is memory expandable?

      1. Not true – this laptop has a spare SSD slot – I have fitted a Western Digital WDS100T2B0B WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD Internal Storage M.2, 1TB – works a treat 😉

        1. Thank you for your input. I was thinking of buying a Western Digital WDS100T2B0B WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD Internal Storage M.2, 1TB for my Acer swift 5, but did some research to see if it will work. Now I know. Thank you!

  3. Hi, thanks for this great breakdown of the Acer Swift 5! I purchased one recently and have been trying to find a way of installing a GPS into the laptop to be able to track it via a GSM network. I see there are M.2 NGFF modules one can buy, but wanted to know if anyone has some advice on the best one to get and if the setup is straight forward or more geared toward OEM applications? I think this would be a great way to combat laptop theft if one were able to install a module into one of these slots and track it remotely.

  4. I wonder where is the wifi card, I open it in order to change it, but could not find it and I think its solder to the motherboard

  5. I have an Acer swift sf514 with an SSD card of 500gb.

    1. Can I just buy another 500gb and place it in the free slot?
    2. Do I need to reconfigure anything or is it plug and play?
    3. Would I lose data programs etc?

    Or is it easier just to buy a single SSD card of 1 TB and clone the old SSD?

    Thanks for the advice very novice at this.

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