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Asus Zenbook UX305FA Disassembly and RAM, SSD upgrade options

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Asus Zenbook UX305FA to remove the bottom case, battery, SSD, wireless card, heat sink and motherboard. Refer to this guide. You can repair your Asus UX305FA.

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Remove ten visible screws from the bottom case.

Remove four rubber mats, under the rubber mats. You can find the hidden screws.

Carefully pry up the bottom case with a pry bar or guitar pick.

When the bottom case removed, you can access the internal components of the Asus UX305FA, including SSD, battery, wireless card, heat sink, speaker and motherboard.

To protect hardware, you need to disconnect the battery connector first.

Asus UX305FA comes with an 11.4v, 45wh Li-polymer battery, Asus part number: C31N1411.

Under the battery, you can access the touchpad module.

Remove one screw securing the SSD.

Because Asus UX305FA is a fanless ultrabook, so the SSD is covered by a layer of cooling stickers.
The Asus UX305FA comes with a Micron 256GB M.2(NGFF) SSD.

Remove one screw securing the wireless card.

Intel Dual Band Wireless-N 7265 wireless card

Disconnect the yellow cable from motherboard connecting to USB board.

Remove four screws securing the motherboard.
Disconnect the LCD cable, touchpad cable, speaker cable from the motherboard.

Asus UX305FA motherboard

Now you can see the keyboard completely. It seems to not a backlit keyboard.

Asus UX305FA USB board

The right side speaker

The left side speaker

Remove four screws securing the heat sink.

Remove the heat sink.

The onboard RAM chips are covered by a layer of cooling stickers.

For more guide and information, please visit the Asus Zenbook UX305FA device page

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    1. I found this on a quick search, haven’t tried it so don’t know how good it is or how well it fits.
      Give it a try and post your results please

      1. I need to remove the bios battery. Laptop won’t power on and cmos reset won’t work, so I wanted to give it a try. Appreciate any help.

  1. Hi folks,

    I have some questions:
    Can you replace the CPU with an i3/5/7 easily?
    Is it easy to upgrade RAM?
    Does it work fully with Linux Distros (Ubuntu/Elementary Freya and Mate)
    If not, what would be the optimal setup, i’m on a mac book pro and I am starting to getting fed up with it.


  2. How do you remove the LCD cable from the motherboard? Do you just pull up away from the motherboard? Is there a locking mechanism that needs to disengaged?

  3. Please change the article to read.

    “The visible screws are removed by a T5 screwdriver. Note the back two screws near the Hinge are longer.”

    “Carefully remove the back feet two Philips “0” screws are found below them. Do not attempt to remove the front feet they are molded into the bottom plate.”
    “Carefully lever up the bottom plate after all screws are removed with a guitar pick or a finger nail. Start at the back hinge since this will give you the most advantage. Once started it should remove quite easily. Note the bottom plate does not include the side USB ports etc. They are on a separate side wrap.”

    This should help some people! Cheers John!

      1. I believe the backplate ‘visible screws’ are Torx T5 x 2.5 mm; is this correct ? I’m having trouble finding these (one is missing from my refurb laptop); can I use m2 x 2.5 mm instead ? Can you suggest a site to buy these ? Also, are all 10 the same length ? I have read that 2 are longer. Thanks for your help.

  4. Hi again. I put the 500G Samsung 850 M.2 SSD drive in. Worked perfectly and I am writing on the unit. The UX305FA was the Microsoft Curated unit so didn’t have much trash on it. Using the 8Gig USB recovery backup (Should use a 16G drive just in case.) I recovered to the new SSD and it thought it was the Crucial 256G one. The unit was new. You could also use your favorite cloning software to a hard drive and back if you have data on the unit.

    I find that the WiFi has more limited reception than any other laptop I have and am assuming it is because of the Aluminum case. Did you find where the Antenna’s are in the LCD section?

    Cheers John

    1. Hi, did you put cooling stickers on the new ssd? And where have you bought them? If not, aren’t you afraid of overheating?

    2. Hi John I would like to follow your suggestion to upgrade to this Samsung 500Gb. Are there any pitfalls? Is the capacity fully accessible? Can you provide any links for instructions?

    3. some website said Samsung 980 PRO MZ-V8P1T0BW it is a PCL4 is compatible
      but the motherboard is capable to take advantage of PCL4 ?
      thank you

  5. My keyboard crapped out, and I can’t seem to fix it. Can you help me find the right replacement part? Thanks!

  6. Is there any disadvantage by not having the cooling sticker on the m.2 ssd when replacing it? Did someone noticed any differences in terms of device temperature?

  7. hey 2 question
    1. can i remove the battery and put a new one (for the future when the battery losses her power)
    2. can i upgrade the ssd from 256 to 512? and if its work ok on the i5 model

      1. Thnx for the replay
        Forgot 2 ask what about the keybored can i repace it with backlite one? Or there is any trick to have light to it

  8. I stupidly dropped a screw on the motherboard when battery was not disconnected. Motherboard “sparked out” and is destroyed (It’s why I searched your page). Will that also have damaged the battery since it was still live? There are no lights showing for battery connected. And possibly other boards like the USB board? I was hoping to just replace the motherboard but maybe I now have a total write-off?
    PS I wish I had found your instructions before I started. They are really excellent!

    1. Hello graham- can you pls let me know, if ever you’ll need to buy a new motherboard? Where u buy? I also need to replace UX305FA Motherboard. Tnx!

      1. I have seen second hand motherboards on ebay with the correct model nr. Not cheap and I wasn’t sure if other part were damaged. So I decided to wait till I could find a cheaper second had one. There are also other sellers one was “stripped by a nerd” who sell reconditioned ones. But I have to say that UX305FA is not that spectacular. I found an amazon warehouse deal on an HP elitebook which I prefer. Backlit keyboard, full i5 and a decent power button well away from the other keys! Brilliant machine! I may find a cheap replacement eventually but they still sell at a premium!

  9. Thanks for this article!

    If I want to replace the battery, what battery should I use? Can one buy the same battery that Asus comes with?

    1. Were you able to replace the keyboard? My right arrow key stopped functioning, so I bought a replacement on aliexpress. But I am not sure how to do it. Is there a way to remove the motherboard without removing the SSD, wifi, heatsink?

  10. My Asus ux305f would not power up. I tried taking out the battery to use only AC power. Still not working. I tried connecting it to an external display, same problem. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advanced…

  11. Hi,
    I couldn’t understand to upgrade ram.i want to upgrade my ram 4gb to 8gb ram.İf I will buy any ddr3 ram can I apply on it. Or what is the solution? Because the user guide says you can upgrade 4 to 8.can anyone explains how it is can be?

  12. Be good to point out that all four rubber feet do not need to be removed – only those near display hinge have screws beneath. To my detriment upon removing those nearest the front, they tore and came off in pieces. Beneath exist holes, but no corresponding holes beneath, only the silver squares visible on the battery.

  13. As I known that we can’t replace the cpu so can we replace the mainboard by another with higher cpu ? Can u point out which one can be use please? I don’t wanna waste other parts becuz they are working good ^^!

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