Lenovo Tab S8-50Lenovo TabletTeardown

Lenovo Tab S8-50 Teardown

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Lenovo Tab S8-50 to remove the back cover, battery, speaker, rear camera, front camera and motherboard. Refer to this guide. You can repair your Lenovo S8-50.

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Pry up the back cover a little with a guitar pick.

Pry up the back cover with your fingernails.

Now the back cover was removed.

The back cover connected to the body by thirteen snaps.

Under the back cover, you can access the internal components, including battery, motherboard, speakers, cameras and more.

Disconnect the cable.

Disconnect this cable.

Remove the screw.

Remove the metal sheet.

Now remove the battery.

Lenovo Tab S8-50 comes with a 3.8v, 4200mah Li-polymer battery, Lenovo model: L13D1P32.

Under the battery, it is metal roll cage and two PCB cables. One is data transmission cable. Another is LCD cable.

Disconnect the button cable.

Disconnect the rear camera cable.

Disconnect the front camera cable.

Lenovo Tab S8-50 rear camera, 8MP

Lenovo Tab S8-50 front camera, 1.6MP

Remove five screws securing the motherboard.

Remove the motherboard from tablet body.

Remove the metal shield.

Remove the top speaker.

Remove two screws securing the PCB board.

Disconnect touch cable. Remove PCB board.

Remove the button board.

Intel Z3745 processor


ROHM2610 power management chip

Winbond 25Q64FWIG audio decoder chip

Samsung 16GB eMMC chip

TI BQ24297 charge management chip

Broadcom BMC4330 wireless module

For more guides, please visit Lenovo Tab S8-50 device page.


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  1. Do i have to completely tear it down to replace the digitizer ? Either way, how do you then get the digitizer off the screen?

    1. You can buy it on ebay. 19$. You do not need to tear it down completely! Check some videos on YT of replacing digitizer for popular phones etc.. you will get then understanding how it works.

  2. You have to replace Digitiser and LCD as one unit…. The 2 parts are bonded together…
    Shame this tear down doesn’t go all the way to removing all parts.

  3. Only guide I could find for this tablet to work out how to replace the usb port. This has been super-helpful. Thanks!

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