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Laptop Screen

Replacement Laptop Screen

Laptops only have several common resolutions because of the cost problem. At present, the resolution of 1366x768 pixels is still widely used on the laptops. The resolution has received lots of poor comments, but if you choose to purchase an 11.6-inch laptop, this resolution is still your best choice.

As for the 11.3-inch and the 14.0-inch screens, the screen with high resolution of 1600x900 pixels is the better choice. For a 15.6-inch or even larger screen, the 1920x1080 pixels FHD screen is enough. 2K or 4K level screen can't bring a more comfortable user experience on the Windows platform.

The touchscreen has been a new emerging interaction mode in the last few years. To provide users with better man-machine interaction mode under Windows 8 interface, touch laptops have been produced in the mass process, which aims to provide better man-machine interaction mode under Windows 8 interface and to enable users to operate the two in one laptop just as they operate tablet pc in the tablet mode.

The surface of the touchscreen has been produced by a special reinforced handling process. It will not get scratched or abraded if in regular use. To protect the surface of the touchscreen, you can post an optically-clear screen protector on the surface.

Actually, the touchscreen is a challenge for users who have got used to operating laptops in logical methods. In some conditions, the touchscreen does bring extraordinary user experience, like zooming in the image, playing video and playing some touch games. But for typical laptops, the touchscreen doesn't play a significant role, or it is useless. Users can use the keyboard + mouse operating method, which is more direct and convenient than directly touching the screen.

The touchscreen is not a significant parameter during the selection of the typical laptop. But if you want to purchase a 2-in-1 laptop product, you need to consider the touchscreen. Among the laptop products we have seen, all the laptop with the touchscreen adopts IPS panel, which supports multi-point touch (some products can even support 10-point multi-point touch products). When you purchase a laptop, we suggest you choose 10-point multi-touch products.

Comparing with the glossy screen, the matte screen boosts of better glare-resistant effect. Under the strong light condition, you can still see eligible content on the matte screen. And the surface of the matte screen is more scratch resistant than the common glossy screen. The matte screen is more suitable for business users.

The matte screen is common to see in laptops, and it has lighter brightness. Many manufacturers hope that higher screen brightness that the matte screen boosts of will bring users better visible effects under the strong light condition. But in fact, most light has been reflected to the human eyes via the surface of the touchscreen. So the matte screen is better than the glossy screen with regard to usage under strong light condition. But the higher brightness that the glossy screen will bring users excellent experience while users are watching videos or playing games. Of course, you can choose the matte screen or the glossy screen according to your preference.