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Laptop Fan

Laptop Fan

The heat dissipation has always been a difficult problem for laptop design. As laptop's specification has increased, the heat dissipation problem has been a huge challenge for laptop cooling system. The heat that laptop gives off is the biggest problem of stability. If the heat cannot get cooled timely, the laptop will work under the high-temperature condition for a long time, which will cause laptop crash, system crash or laptop suddenly turn down. If the case gets worse, it will speed up laptop aging process, or even burn the hardware. So to make the laptop give off heat as less as possible or disperse heat that the laptop generates timely and effectively has been an important problem that laptop users should pay attention to.

Laptop fan brands include AVC, ADDA, AAVID, DELTA, SUNON, Panasonic, Toshiba and other brands. Not all the laptop fans have kept working. Some laptops use the intelligent temperature control board. These laptops fan work intermittently, which means the fans don't work until internal laptop reach a certain temperature.

The fan is laptop's cooling device. If the fan is covered of a heap of dust, then it will influence the heat dissipation performance. When you plan to clean the fan, first you should use a clip or other tools to take out chunk dust, and then blow into the vent to clean the inner dust. You just need to repeat these operations several times, and then the fan will be clean. If you want to further clean the cooling fan, you can disassemble the fan, and then lubricate the fan's motor.

After the fan's dust get moved, the vent will be clear, the heat emission will be faster, and the heat that internal laptop generates will be decreased. In this way, the fan's working frequency will be reduced, and it will create fewer noises. Users may not be accessible to the fans and cooling fins after disassembling some laptops. In this case, users should go to some repair shops to get the laptop's fan cleaned.