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What kind of laptop keyboard is right for you?

On the whole, a good keyboard should have moderate elasticity, stable key, fast key up speed, and high flexibility. But the feel of the keyboard is an important subjective factor for the user to judge if the keyboard is good or not. Users are accustomed to comparing the new keyboard with the old one. Actually, there is no good or bad keyboard. According to individual preference, the best keyboard is the keyboard which suits you most. The different consumer should select the keyboard based on personal specific requirements. Next, I will talk about a few notes on choosing the laptop keyboard.

Reasonable Layout
When checking the laptop keyboard, you should pay special attention to see if the key layout and key size are reasonable. For instance, do not choose the key layout which conflicts with the key layout which you are familiar with, especially “Shift”, “Ctrl”, “Alt” and other common keys, which is significant to those users who love playing games. Restrained by the laptop volume, most laptops keyboards haven’t adopted the full keyboard design. Although such a design can reduce the keyboard’s volume and bring more convenience, in the meanwhile, it also restricts the user’s type-in feeling.

The ergonomically designed keyboard can reduce fatigue after the user plays the computer for a long period. The good or bad feelings of the keyboard depending on the material it uses. The key position, keycap, and other factors should be selected based on individual preference since it will influence our feelings while we are tapping the keyboard. The good-quality keyboard of moderate key travel distance and comfortable touch feeling not only has greatly saved our time and improved our work efficiency but also brought the most natural and smooth user experience.

As for keyboard appearance, we usually select the keyboard based on personal preference.

Generally speaking, the smaller laptop with worse comfort. Besides, the laptop which adopts the widescreen has more advantages than the other when comparing two laptops with the same size. As some laptops size has been diminished to 12-inch or even smaller, the key travel will also be diminished, which results in the inconvenient operation. Users are easy to feel tired after operating for a long time.

The ultrabook leaves less space for the keyboard owing to ultra-thin volume. Therefore, the key travel commonly comes with a short design. If a user keeps using the keyboard for a long time, the user will be easy to feel fatigued on the fingers. Although the ultrabook has excellent portability, personally speaking, the ultrabook isn’t fit for long-time operation owing to its bad touch feeling of the keyboard operation.

The small laptop is also restricted by its size and volume. It isn’t convenient for people who have big hands or keep long fingernails to use because of the small laptop’s small key distance and keycap. Although the full-size keyboard is easy to operate, to a certain degree, the laptop has lost a laptop’s portability owing to its relatively large size and weight.

Therefore, the laptop with the full-size keyboard is not suitable for businessman, travelers or those who often take laptops outside. According to this analysis, we can easy to see that there exists a big conflict between comfort and its portability. That’s why the keyboard can’t bring touch feeling that the tablet’s keyboard brings. In a word, the keyboard which suits you most is the best. Finally, I sincerely hope this guide can be helpful for you to find a suitable laptop keyboard.