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HP ElitePad 900 Disassembly

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble HP ElitePad 900 to remove and replace the battery, wireless card, speakers, screen, back cover, front camera, rear camera and motherboard. Refer to the guide. You can upgrade, repair your ElitePad 900.

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Remove the two screws on both sides of the data interface, and pry up the screen from black plastic cover.

Lift up the screen. Be careful. There are two cables still connecting to the motherboard.

Disconnect these two cables.

HP ElitePad 900 screen has been removed.

When the screen removed, you can access the battery, speakers, motherboard, wireless card and rear camera.

HP ElitePad 900 installed an LG LP101WX2(SL)(P1) LED IPS screen. On the screen left side, you can see the touch board. It is an ATMEL touch chip.

Remove the screws and disconnect the battery power cable. You can remove the battery.
HP ElitePad 900 comes with a 7.4v, 25wh Li-polymer battery.

Disconnect the yellow cable and two antennas and remove two screws. You can remove the wireless card.

ElitePad 900 speaker module

Front camera and rear camera

ElitePad 900 wireless card antennas


Remove the metal shield. You can find the Samsung 64GB SSD, Samsung 2GB ram, Intel Atom z2760 processor and Texas Instruments power management chip.

On the top of the Intel Atom z2760 is a Samsung 2GB ram.

Light sensor, rear camera and fill light.

ElitePad 900 volume key board

For more guides, check out the HP ElitePad 900 device page.


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  1. Does this tablet have a bios chip? I need to remove the bios battery to reset the bios settings and the password.

  2. “… and then begin to pry up the screen from black plastic”

    Please give more details. What do you need to pry it up with? Do you need to use plastic spacers or something to stop the magnets from pulling it back down?

  3. This is all wrong….the only way to open an Elitepad 900 G1 or 1000 G2 is the with Elitepad Service Tool, available only to HP certified centers. The glass of the Elitepad is hold with magnets, not screws, and if you do it wrong, you can destroy the glass without the Service Tool.

  4. you open it home no problem. just stick two a very slim screwdriver between the matte plastic part and the plastic line that is covering the screen. then you can open pop open the joints one by one. Again, around the screen, there is a plastic line. And there is the black matte plastic that covers some part of the back. you start between them, on the screen side.

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