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Lenovo ThinkPad S1 Yoga Disassembly

In this guide, I will disassemble a Lenovo ThinkPad S1 Yoga to remove the battery, speakers, wireless card, cooling fan, palm rest, SSD, bottom case, and motherboard. Refer to this guide. You can repair and upgrade your ThinkPad S1 Yoga.

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Remove all screws securing the bottom case.

When the bottom case removed, you can get access to the cooling fan, battery, speakers, SSD, CMOS battery, wireless card and motherboard.

There is a shock-absorbing sponge on the bottom case.

Dust gauze

Remove all screws securing the battery and disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard.

The laptop comes with a Li-polymer battery, 14.8v, 47wh, Lenovo P/N: 45N1704, 45N1705.

Here’s cooling fan

Remove one screw securing the wireless card.
Unplug two wireless antenna cables. You can remove the wireless card.

It features an Intel® Wireless-N 7260 wireless card. It is support 802.11n, 2×2, 2.4-GHz, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.
Lenovo model: 04W3815.

Remove two screws securing the SSD. Lift up the tape and take it out.

This Lenovo ThinkPad S1 Yoga comes with a Samsung 128GB 2.5″ SSD, Lenovo model: 0C41202, 04X4054.

There are two shock-absorbing sponges and a LED indicator under the SSD.

Lenovo ThinkPad S1 Yoga CMOS battery

Lenovo ThinkPad S1 Yoga speaker modules

Lenovo ThinkPad S1 Yoga motherboard

The RAM chips soldering on the motherboard

When the motherboard removed, you can access the keyboard and touchpad.

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  1. Please help me.

    How easy is it to replace the keyboard?

    and how many slots does it have for the RAM?

    Thanks in advance

    1. ThinkPad Yoga S1 no RAM slots, the RAM is soldered to the motherboard, you can try to replce the keyboard and write a replace guide, i can give you a contributor account, you can publish the your guide on our website, thank you very much!

  2. I messed up and forgot my bios password. I tried removing the cmos battery but that did not clear the password. Does anyone know if there is a jumper.

    Thank you

  3. How do you remove the LCD rear cover assembly? I have damaged one corner and would like to replace just the plastic cover if possible.

  4. I have a S1 with a basic 128GB SSD. I can see the empty mSATA slot. Can I just connect a 128GB mSATA (or must it be M.2) card for additional storage, or are there other changes I need to make? I see many 42cm mSATA/M.t cards available. Is there a particular (recommended) p/n or model I should use?

  5. I collect ESI for legal purposes, popping hard drives and conducting a physical collection on these drives is much more efficient. When attempting to pop the SSD in a Lenovo Think Pad Yoga 1x I discovered that the screw was stripped when factory installed. I deal
    Any suggestionss?
    Easy out? Not sure if drill bits are small enough

  6. Hi, I need to open the bottom cover to replace the fan. What’s the trick after i have removed all the screws? i don’t want to force/break anything.


    1. You need to insert the pick under the bottom cover and move it along the edge to unfasten hidden latches. You’ll have to apply some reasonable force in order to separate the bottom cover from the top case.

  7. Hi,
    I would like to update SSD from 256 to 512G or 1TG SSD in my S1 Yoga, any recommended SSD models which compatible, supported by S1 ?

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