MSI GE62MSI Laptop

MSI GE62 Disassembly

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble MSI GE62 to remove the battery, optical drive, RAM, CMOS battery, wireless card, speaker, hard drive, cooling fan and motherboard. Refer to the guides. You can upgrade, repair your MSI GE62.

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Remove all screws securing the bottom case.

One of the screws was covered by MSI’s warranty sticker. So I suggest you do not open the laptop.

Pull out the optical drive.

The MSI GE62 comes with an HL-DT-ST GU80N optical drive.

Remove three screws in the optical drive slot.

Pry up and remove the bottom case. There are some little hard to remove the case, you should use a pry bar, or guitar pick open up it.

Under the bottom case, you can get access to the internal components, including RAM, hard drive, wireless card, speakers, battery, heat sink and cooling fan.

From the pictures, the battery made of LG 18650 cells.

The MSI GE62 comes with a 10.86v, 4730mah, Li-ion battery, MSI model: BTY-M6H.

The MSI GE62 has two RAM slots and comes with one 8GB RAM.

Skynix 8GB PC3L-12800S RAM

HGST 1TB 7200RPM hard drive

Disconnect two antenna cables and remove one screw.

Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 wireless card with Bluetooth

The MSI GE62 has three NGFF slots for user add SSD.

Remove all screws securing the heat sink and cooling fan.

MSI GE62 heat sink and cooling fan module


Speaker module

For more guides, check out the MSI GE62 device page.

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  1. Nice post! Can you show us how to remove the keyboard to clean it, and place it back?
    Keep up the good work.

  2. I want to know if you battery model is accurate. I found out that the model BTY-L74 or BTY-L75 could also fit but they seem to be quite different. Could you coment on this please

  3. Hi David

    Great review, I can’t seem to see (on the pics above) if it is possible to upgrade the gpu, could you shed some light on this matter?


      1. Hi,
        Very good review,
        I have a question about motherbord, is it possible to replace it with a newer model, like ge72 motherboard?

  4. Hi
    Is it possible to upgrade the cpu ? I have a I5 and later, i think upgrade but is it possible ? That is the question.

  5. Hey! Great review. One question , is possible to add a SSD Kingstone (keeping th HDD) so both work together?


  6. Hi, fantastic guide! Did you take note of the part numbers for the fans and heatsink? My CPU fan is breaking, I might need to order a new one but I can’t find any information on which one to buy.

  7. I can’t seem to detach the middle part (the silver box) of the heat sink from the circuit board. I am sure I have removed all the screws. Are there other things like clasps or plugs that I should remove?

  8. Hi,

    Nice guide. My laptop is just 2 months old and I am having a noise rattling sound issue from left fan. Is there a way to fix it?
    I know many people are experiencing this issue but unfortunately I couldn’t find any fix yet. Hoping some one might help me on this site.

    I still have warranty but I can’t use it as I am from Pakistan and can’t send the laptop back to USA.

    Thank You

    1. Please remove the cooling fan and try to add lubricating oil for the cooling fan, or you can replace it by a new fan.

  9. Hey, is it possible to remove and replace only keyboard or i have to replace whole front panel with touchpad etc. ? How i can remove this panel then?

    1. It is possible, however it is not a recommended repair that a novice should attempt and at the very least have proper tools. (Screwdrivers that fit, static wrist guard, heat gun, plastic spudgers, etc.) It also requires further disassembly than is shown here and removal of the board. The keyboard access is underneath the motherboard, and is a rib fit type keyboard.

  10. is it possible to replace the optical drive for a external gpu adapter? because i heard, you could hook up a adapter on a mPCI-E slot. just wanted to ask before i would end up screwing my laptop up. thanks in advance.

    1. Optical Drives are SATA, so, it´s impossible.

      The only way to have an external GPU is to get an external Thunderbolt enclosure and connect it to a Thunderbolt port.

      On newer GE62 you get a USB 3.1 USB-C conector which uses the same connection as Thunderbolt 3. But it´s not supposed to be a Thunderbolt port, so there is little chance to have an external GPU in the GE62

    2. Seems like Jesus missed the idea 😛 It does sounds like a possibility, but you will hardly find any pre-made devices, you would have to buy a 100$ adapter, create a box to replace the DVD-drive and take the risk that the laptop will just not function too well in such a configuration (stuttering and such).

  11. i have msi 62 6qf apache pro and battery is inside in laptop….if i remove the battety can i use the laptop or no…because i have asus rog and use him whitout battery?

  12. Hi,
    What is the maximum ram this can support? Intel i7 5700 can support 32GB but what is the motherboard capacity?

    1. The mazximum ram capacity is bese on the motherboard, If your RAM type is DDR4-2133MHz, your GE62 support up to 32GB RAM. If your RAM type is DRR3-1600MHz, your GE62 support up to 16GB RAM.

  13. Hello! I’m getting the MSI GE62 Apache Pro-254 that comes with just the 256gb m2 ssd, no hdd. Would it be better to get another m.2 ssd or something like the 2.5″ samsung evo ssd? Also does the brand of ssds have to match? Thanks in advance!

    1. U may install OS at M2 SSD – 256gb is nearly enough for soft and few games
      The suggestion to get 2Tb HDD for everything else.
      In future to get PCI express M2 SSD – with amazing 2500mb/s read and 1200mb/s write

  14. Hello, I have disassembled a customer’s laptop yesterday (GE62 7RE APACHE PRO) just to check for fan’s details to change it. Anyway, after I’ve re-assembled everything my laptop won’t boot at all, no LEDS are lighting up and the laptop looks DEAD. Battery still gives some power to the mosfets on the motherboard but the BIOS doesn’t get any ‘juice’. Is there any security from MSi or smth ? Why does it do that ? I need help please 🙁

  15. Good day. Can you replace the speakers of this laptop? I blew and tear my right side speaker and causes crackling sound.

  16. My GE62 is coming apart at the left hinge. How do I get to that? Is the problem the assembly or the hinge?

  17. Hi so I have a Gs63vr stealth and I’m wondering in general what screwdriver do I need to disassemble a G- series laptop? I have this one screw that won’t come out but the screwdriver i used for the other screws came it , and it’s really tiring to try and take it out and i feel like i’m dulling the screw please tell me what screw do i need or ways to remove a screw that won’t turn at all.

  18. How easy is it to replace just the motherboard? Are there other parts that need to be replaced along with it?

    My issue is there is a small scratch on the green coating on my motherboard which is exposing the metal of the board. My guess is that this is causing a short on the motherboard, hence why i can’t turn on the laptop (even with an AC adapter connected). Is there a coating I can buy or should I just replace the motherboard entirely? Also, can you do a more specific tutorial on motherboard replacement?

  19. Hi!

    Thanks a lot for this useful guide. It really helped me when disassembling my GE62.

    Now, there is just one question left: What is that tiny button next to the CMOS battery for?

    Get Phobo

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