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Asus ROG G752VY Disassembly and SSD, RAM, HDD upgrade options

At IFA 2015, Europe’s biggest consumer electronics show. Asus unveiled its new line-up of gaming notebooks – ROG G752. The biggest spotlight is the water-cooled system. Asus has confirmed that water-cooled is only available on the G752VY. Today, we will disassemble the laptop.

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Screen: 17.3-inch, 1920 x 1080 of resolution, matte, IPS, non-touch
Processor: Intel Skylake Core i7-6700HQ CPU, quad-core 2.6 GHz (3.5 GHz TBoost)
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 980M 4GB GDDR5
Memory: 16GB DDR4 2133Mhz (4xDIMMs)
Storage: 1TB 2.5″7200 rpm HDD, 256GB PCIe G3 SSD
Connectivity: Wireless AC Intel 7265, Gigabit LAN, Intel Bluetooth 4.0
Ports: 4x USB 3.0, 1x USB 3.1(Thunderbolt 3), HDMI, miniDP, earphone, SPDIF, SD card reader, LAN
Battery: 67Wh, 6 cells
Operating system: Windows 10
Size: 428 mm or 16.8″ (w) x 333 mm or 13.1″ (d) x 43mm or 1.69″ (h)
Weight: 4.3kg

Asus ROG G752VY offers easy access to the most common upgrade options like RAM, hard drive and SSD.

When removing the screw that hides under the rubber mat in the middle.

1. Removing the service cover
Open the rubber mat, you will find a hide screw, remove the screw.

Pry up and remove the service cover.
Under the cover, you will be able to access a hard drive, two spare RAM slots and SSD slots. The SSD slot is covering by a protective cover.
The ROG G752VY supports up to 64GB of DDR4 memory. The other two RAM slots are located on the other side of the motherboard.

2. Removing the SSD
Unscrew four screws securing the protective cover and remove it, you can access two M.2 PCIe slots.

Remove the screw securing the SSD and takes it out from M.2 PCIe slot.
The Asus ROG G752VY comes with a Samsung SM951 256GB M.2 SSD, Samsung model: MZ-VPV2560. You can install another one M.2 PCIe SSD into the spare M.2 slot, as far as known, the motherboard doesn’t support RAID 0 configuration.
The MZ-VPV2560 SSD uses the latest in-house NAND flash and an advanced in-house controller to deliver superior performance. Sequential read up to 2150 MB/s, sequential write pp to 1260 MB/s, random read up to 300K IOPS, random write up to 100K IOPS.

3. Removing the hard drive
Remove four screws securing the hard drive module. Lift up the black tape and slide it to the left. You can remove the hard drive module.
The Asus ROG G752VY features a 2.5-inch HGST 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s hard drive.

4. Removing the optical drive
Unscrew one screw securing the optical drive, the screw beside to the RAM slots.
Slide the drive to the right and pull it out of the laptop.
The gaming laptop comes with a Panasonic UJ172 6X 3D Blu-Ray combo drive.

5. Removing the palm rest
Remove all screws from the bottom case.
Turn over the laptop. Pry up the palm rest with a crowbar, Lift up the palm rest and disconnect the keyboard cable, touchpad cable and backlit cable, you can remove the palm rest.

6. Removing the screen assembly and speaker modules
Remove the speaker modules and disconnect the speaker cable.
Remove all screws securing the LCD hinges (left and right) and disconnect the LCD cable from the motherboard, you can remove the display assembly.

7. Removing the battery
Remove four screws securing the battery. Disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard, you can remove the battery.

The Asus ROG G752VY features a 15v, 90wh Li-ion battery, Asus model: A42NI520, 4ICR19/66-2.

8. Removing the RAM
Separate the clips and take it out from RAM slots.
The Asus ROG G752VY features four DDR4 slots, allowing you to upgrade to 64GB DDR4 RAM.

The laptop features two Samsung 8GB PC4-2133P RAMs.

9. Removing the wireless card
Remove one screw and unplug two wireless antenna cables, you can remove the wireless card.

The laptop comes with a Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 wireless card, it is support 802.11ac, dual band, and 2×2 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.2.

10. Removing the motherboard
Remove all screws securing the motherboard and disconnect all cables connecting to the motherboard, you can remove the motherboard.
On the motherboard, you can access the CMOS battery, heat sink and cooling module.

11. Removing the heat sink and cooling fan
On the other side of the motherboard, you can access two cooling fans.
Remove all screws securing the heat sink and cooling fan.
Unplug two fan cables from the motherboard.

Asus ROG G752VY’s heat sink with dual copper pipes

Blue: Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ processor (6M Cache, up to 3.50 GHz)
Red: NAVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphics card
Green: Elpida 4GB GDDR5 video memory
Purple: LTE IT8912E

Blue: Realtek sound card chip
Red: GST5009BM network transformer
Green: South Bridge chip

For more guides, check out the Asus ROG G752VY device page.

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  1. If I wanted to replace a damaged display, is there any way to disassemble the display screen itself to install another?

  2. Hi tom
    Thanks puralator just dammaged mine and the right side corner is bent its not even 3 months old and no one uses it but me the top right side is also dammaged looks like they tried to stack boxes on top of it and sqached it asus did not pack it properly either
    Hope i can get it repaired in time for my departure end of october

  3. I hope this is not an off topic question and can be answered.

    I am trying to get information about an unknown part on the under side of the board. I am able to see the part in the 3rd to last picture. It is just above the CMOS battery. It is round and silver. I don’t know how it is connected to the motherboard. I can’t see any soldering. There is red lettering but hard for me to read. I think “EAV41 22 25V” is what is written on top.

    Can you tell me if it can be removed or any other information about the part?

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