Asus LaptopAsus S46C

Asus S46C Disassembly and HDD, RAM upgrade options

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Asus S46C to remove the RAM, hard drive, wireless card, keyboard, heat sink, cooling fan and motherboard. Refer to the guides, you can repair, upgrade and clean your Asus S46C.

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Remove two screws securing the service cover and remove the cover.
Under the cover, you can access the hard drive and RAM.

Remove the screws securing the hard drive module. Lift up the black tape and remove the hard drive module.

Remove the screw and pull out the optical drive.

Pry up the bottom case with a pry bar.

Disconnect the speaker cable from the motherboard. The bottom case can be removed.

When the case was removed, you can access the RAM, wireless card, SSD, heat sink and cooling fan.

Asus S46c LCD hinge

Asus S46c heat sink

Asus S46c has two RAM slots. It comes with a 4GB Samsung RAM.

Asus S46c cooling fan

Asus S46c USB board

Half size SSD and wireless card

Wireless card

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  1. i want to buy a used S46C from a friend, but 24gb ssd is useless for me… is the ssd a PCIe mini card device?… can i replace it with another of bigger capacity if i find it?? i won’t really have access to open the laptop cuse they dont want to screw the warranty, so i cant see if another device fits or anything… what should i look for in the range of 60-120gb? thanks in advance

  2. thanks for the reply, I ended up buying the laptop, but instead of replacing the half m-sata for a bigger one I replaced the sata 2.5″ hdd for a 2.5″ SSD (much easier to find for me) and used a “second hdd caddy” to put the 500gb hdd in the DVD port, now I use the DVD drive as external USB DVD drive, the msata ssd is there but i dont really use it for anything :P, I don’t regret anything tough, everything works great

  3. Hey, how can i replace the CMOS battery? I can’t seem to find it. Supposedly, I need to replace it cause my timezone keeps changing etc on my laptop constantly.

    1. I have a similar problem because my Asus S46C runs only Bios. People at the forum suggest that it may be necessary to replace the CMOS battery – where can I find it?

  4. hello! do you recommend some model of WLAN for 5 MHz to change the Atheros 2.4 only.
    And I have the problem with win 10, it doesn’t detect the SD reader? what can I do?
    Thank you

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