BlackBerry Mobile PhoneTeardown

BlackBerry Passport Teardown

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble BlackBerry Passport to remove the back cover, battery, keypad, display assembly and motherboard. Refer to the guides, you can repair your BlackBerry Passport.

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Remove this cover. You can find the hidden screws. Remove these screws.

Remove this cover. You can find the hidden screws and SIM card and SD card slots. Remove these screws.

Now you can remove the back cover, and you can find the NFC coil, the battery and the part of the circuit board is coated with a layer of graphite stickers.

The BlackBerry Passport has four MEMS microphones.

Antenna and dual speakers are integrated into a plastic board.

The metal shield has a lot of holes, in order to get better heat dissipation.

BlackBerry Passport comes with a 3400mAh, the and serial number is G974280VC604, made in China.

BlackBerry Passport display assembly and keypad


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    1. I see you are using a pair of tweezers, what other fine tools are needed to take out the battery that seems to be glued in. Please be as specific as you can regarding the set of tools that are needed.

      Thank you in advance!

  1. Do you have any idea where’s the wifi antenna for Z30? My Z30’s wifi receiver is not good as any other cells of mine. Thanks.

  2. Had my passport blackberry in my rain coat pocket during a thunder storm while riding a bike and by time I got home the cell was wet, but the red light turns on

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