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Meizu M2 Note Teardown

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Meizu M2 Note to remove the back cover, battery, camera and motherboard. Refer to this guide. You can repair your Meizu M2 Note.

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Meizu M2 Note Specifications:
Width: 75.2mm
Height: 150.9mm
Weight: 114.9g
Battery: 3100mAh (Typical value)
Rear Camera: 13 megapixels
Front Camera: 5 megapixels
Display: 5.5-inch
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Brightness: 450cd/m2, 2,048 adjustable brightness levels
Material: Tempered Glass
Display technology: IGZO (SHARP)
Processor: MTK MT6753, ARM® Cortex®-A53™ 1.3GHz octa-core, Mali T720 MP3/450MHz GPU

This Tuesday, Meizu officially released his Meizu M2 note, the price is only RMB799, about $131, today we will disassemble Meizu M2 note.

Meizu M2 Note has four colors to choose: gray, white, blue and pink.

Now starting to open the back cover with your fingernails from headset jack.

After the back cover removed, you can see from the picture. There are two small plates covering the motherboard.

Remove all screws securing these two small plates. You can remove it.

Meizu M2 note antenna overflow outlet and sound chamber

Meizu M2 Note comes with a 3100mah Li-polymer battery. Battery model: BT42CA06.

Vibrator module, micro-USB data port and microphone module

On the back of the board, you can find the Meizu M2 Note’s Home key.

There is a capacitive touch panel inside the home key.

3.5mm headphone jack

Rear camera and front camera

All the chips were covered by the metal shields.

MTK6169V RF chip
MTK6753V processor
Skhynix 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM

MediaTek MT6328V power management chip


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  1. Yes but. Can you gently explain how to remove the display? . I’ve just got it cracked with an unlucky fall 🙁

          1. Hello! Have you changed your display? I have the similar problem too, i would like to buy new display on aliexpress but actually I don’t know how to change it.

          2. Hi, I haven’t gotten the display. I have placed an order for it but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll update you once it arrive. I will however advise you to purchase the full screen instead of the outer glass only

          1. Ahm, hell not! We tried to fix the outerglass but unfortunately after 6 hours of work we pointed out that the display got cracked someway.. So, my advice is to directly buy the display: it cost 40 $ instead of 20$ for the outer glass only, but it worth cause you don’t have to risk and you can do it by yourself. geeeezs!

          2. Thank you for your feedback. I was waiting for for your feedback before purchasing. I appreciate.

  2. Please, explain how to remove the display. i just crack my outer glass. the touch still works great like normal. i need to get the outer glass fixed. thanks

  3. I have just received my phone – i like it – a little unusual to other ones – but brilliant screen – and shitty sound 🙂 How they have been able to put SO bad sound in a phone ?
    Na, my real question is, does any of you have problems with connections. When i started to use the new phone 3 days ago, since that time people tell for me, that i sometimes “fall our” – they can not hear me, or only half of what im telling. With my previous Lumia 640 XL, also dual sim, and with same provider, it was never a problem. Have any of you had issues with bad connection – both by talking, and slowly receiving of mails or other data, including sms ?

  4. My phone eas phisicly broken and I’m trying so save data written into internal storage. Are data saved to that 16Gb ROM chip? Any help is welcome.

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