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LG G4 Teardown

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble LG G4 to remove the back cover, battery, camera and motherboard. Refer to this guide. You can repair your LG G4.

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Because LG G4 does not use the integrated body design, so you can open the back cover easily, the battery is replaceable.

LG G4 comes with a 3.85v 3000-2900mah Li-ion battery. LG model: BL-51YF.

Remove eleven securing the middle frame.
Pry up and remove the middle frame.

The middle frame was removed, you be able to get access to the motherboard and other components.

Here is LG G4’s middle frame.

Remove all screws securing the motherboard.

LG G4 motherboard

LG G4 camera


  1. no one explained that inside the LG G4 moterboard , on the right of the main camera, there is a micro silver battery soldered directly on the PCB. The voltage on my continuos loop LG G4 hts voltage is about 0,7 Volts, instead of 1,2, typical of such type of battery. May be this the hidden cause of the problem? May someone suggest a solution?

    1. Did you test it out of circuit without load or in the circuit? Powered down ? …Im trying to find the cause also but they say its the processor chip,bad solder joints.So ive been trying to track down a site to order a new pcb from.No luck yet.

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