Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Leaked in Video

Digital blogger @ I ice universe released a video and configuration information known as Samsung Galaxy note20 Ultra. The video shows that the phone uses a hyperbolic screen similar to S20 ultra, and holes are punched in the middle to place the front camera.

He also said that Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is essentially an upgrade of last year’s note10 +. But note20 ultra’s curved screen is quite large, unlike S20 series and note10 +.

Ice universe also compares note20 ultra with note10 +, and his findings are as follows: the border on both sides is narrowed by 0.29mm, the forehead and chin are reduced by 0.4mm in total, the hole diameter is reduced by 1mm, and the body thickness is reduced by 0.3mm.

In terms of configuration, he said that Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra will be equipped with the most high-end Snapdragon 865 +” processor and a 120Hz ltpo display screen with a screen resolution of 2560 × 1440 (QHD). Users will be able to turn on QHD + 120Hz at the same time, which is impossible for S20 series.

In addition, Samsung will add a new camera function to the note20 ultra, but @ ice universe has not disclosed what the function is. In addition, Samsung will launch a new s pen for the phone, and the new functions are also expected.


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