Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 Got 3C Certification with 25W Charger

Samsung has already released the first flagship series (Galaxy S24 series) for this year in January. Now, the company’s primary focus is on its foldable flagship models. This time, the flagship models will probably be called Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 and are expected to launch at the start of the second half of this year.

Recently, we got a massive leak regarding Samsung’s upcoming foldable models. This morning, two new models from Samsung, “SM-F9560” and “SM-F4710”, were listed on the 3C Certification list. The first model number belongs to Galaxy Z Fold6, while the second belongs to Galaxy Z Flip6.


The certification mentions that both these models will use the same Samsung EP-TA800 charger, a 25W charger that the company has used for a long time in its flagship models. Moreover, the previous foldable flagship also uses the same charger.

The EP-TA800 charger charges at following modes: 15W (5V/3A), 25W (9V/2.77A), 10W-18W (3.3-5.9V/3A) and 7.5W-25W (3.3-11V/2.25A). At this point, Samsung must look for something new in charging technology, as the company has used this old technology for many years. Due to the incident of Samsung Note 7, the company is probably still avoiding fast-charging technology.

Regarding other specifications, the all-new Galaxy Z Foldable models are expected to be powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen3 chipset. The chipset is based on TSMC’s 4nm manufacturing process and features 1x Cortex-X4 Super-Core (clocked @3.3GHz), 3x Cortex-A720 P-Cores (clocked @3.15GHz), 2x Cortex-A720 P-Cores (clocked @2.96GHz) and 2x Cortex-A520 E-Cores (clocked @2.27GHz).

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Moreover, both devices are reported to feature the same anti-reflective Gorilla Glass Armor protection the company has already used in its Galaxy S24 lineup. In addition, the RAM and storage capacities are also reported to increase this year.

The information regarding Samsung’s upcoming foldable models is relatively minimal, but we can expect more in the coming days. The launch of these models is expected around July or August of this year.

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