Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Teardown (20000mAh)

In the October 11, Xiaomi released his 20000mah power bank, and today we will disassemble it to explore his internal structure.

It consists of six LG 18650 batteries (each capacity of 3350mAh, connected in parallel to 20000mAh.). With a temperature sensor, when the temperature anomaly can turn off the output. Battery anode covered a layer of black sponge.

Overall, this 20000mAh power bank with excellent workmanship, its internal battery positive and negative covered with cushioning material, Let battery cells more closely in contact with the case.

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Compare to Xiaomi 16000mAh power bank.

The temperature probe was fixed by Mylar film between 1-2 battery.

Battery model: LGABF1L1865, from South Korea’s LG Chemical, a capacity of 3350mAh, a voltage of 4.2V, Xiaomi’s 10000mAh power bank using the same batteries.

Here’s front facing of the circuit board, PCB internal number is PB200_MB_61_150819.

The USB port chip TPS2513 is dual intelligent identification chip, and it supports two USB outputs intelligent identification, Apple and Android phones can reduce charging compatibility issues; Two R020 resistors of the output current sampling resistor; close to two USB output have a 2N4B8MOS, each responsible for all the USB output overload shutdown.

Another side of the board
Protection chip: G4JC
Regulated power supply chip: QBUON

TI chip model is BQ25895. Input voltage up to 14V, compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 of 9V, 12V voltage, is also compatible with MTK Pump Express of 7V, 9V, 12V.

Voltage and current are up to 12.02V, 1.669A, a total power of 20.06W, more than the nominal 18W.

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  1. Sir, my mi 20000 mah powerbank is not charging when I press power button nothing happens not even led shine or blink but when I try to charge my power bank all led glow constantly, actually It was accidently dropped on floor.

    1. my mi 20000 power bank not working. nither input nor output supply
      plz suggest me how to purchase mi 20000 mah power bank circuit….

    1. The lid seems to be glued, so it either requires some heating to loosen up the glue or just plain brute force to remove the lid.

  2. Sir, my mi 20000 mah power bank is not charging when I press the power button nothing happens not even led shine or blink but when I try to charge my power bank all led glow constantly, actually It was accidentally dropped on the floor. What I do sir and where I need to buy this PCB or how to replace the switch.

  3. Hello,

    Is there any case you know what IC is the one “Regulated power supply chip: QBUON”?
    Marking does not produce any results in google.

    Thank you

  4. Hello, you recognized the following IC onboard with the following marking :

    “Regulated power supply chip: QBUON”

    What is the actual product code? Is there any datasheet?

    Thank you very much for your help!

  5. My issue in power bank mi 20000 mah is cut off in 1-2 minutes and heating in lR5 part.so I want new motherboard.

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