Meizu 18 And Watch Bags 3C Certification: 40W & 36W Max Charging Support

It seems that Meizu is now developing a new version of its flagship series. Today, a new device from Meizu has listed on the famous 3C Certification, which is famous for revealing the smartphone’s charging related specifications.

As per our sources, it is reported that this 3C Certification belongs to the new version of Meizu’s flagship series (maybe Meizu 18 series). It can be seen that there are two chargers: the first one has the model number “M191Q”, while the second one is “M181Q”.
Meizu 18 Bags 3C Certification

The Charger of M191Q has maximum charging support of 40W (10V, 4A & 20V, 2A). This Charger can also charge the phone at 20W (5V, 4A) as well. The Charger of M181Q has maximum charging support for 36W (12V, 3A). It can charge the phone at 15W (5V, 3A) & 30W (10V, 3A) as well.

The 40W Charger is maybe for the high-end version of Meizu’s upcoming flagship series.

It is also reported that both of these chargers would be available to purchase separately. It means that there will be no charger inside the box of Meizu’s upcoming flagship model. Many smartphone manufacturers are now removing chargers and explain that this is an environmentally friendly step.

In addition, Meizu Watch has also passed the 3C certification, the model is M007W, the watch can be used independently from the mobile phone, supports 4G network, 7.5W charging, and the charging is also not included in the package.

The applicant for this Certification is “Meizu Technology Company Limited,” and it got revealed on 25th January (yesterday).

For now, there is no more information about the upcoming Meizu flagship series.

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