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HP Spectre 13-v000 Disassembly and SSD, RAM Upgrade Options

HP Spectre 13-v000 was launched in November 2016. The laptop comes with a 13.3-inch widescreen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

It is powered by Intel Core i5-6200U 2.30 GHz processor (with Intel HD Graphics 520) and it comes with 8GB of RAM onboard.

The laptop runs Windows 10 Home Basic 64bit and is powered by a 7.7V, 38Wh Li-polymer battery. It measures of 325 x 229 x 10.4 and weight of 1.11kg.

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In my case, the laptop model is HP Spectre 13-v115TU.

There are no screws on the bottom cover. So we remove the three non-slip strips. Under the foot grip, you can find five screws that securing the bottom cover to the ultrabook.

There are some snaps securing the bottom cover to the laptop.
Pry up the bottom cover with a guitar pick.

HP Spectre 13-v000’s back cover is not very thin, but very strong.

With the bottom cover removed, you can get access to the battery, SSD, wireless card, speakers, cooling fan and motherboard.

Disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard and remove all screws securing the battery. You can remove the battery.
HP Spectre 13’s battery is very thin, 7.7V, 38Wh, the battery life of more than 9 hours.

Remove one screw and take the SSD out of its slot.
The HP Spectre 13-v000 comes with a Samsung PM951 NVMe PCIe 3.0 256GB SSD, HP P/N: 833842-002.

HP motherboard is very small, high integration.
The laptop comes with an Intel Core i5-6200U 2.30 GHz Processor (3M Cache, up to 2.80 GHz), with Intel HD Graphics 520.

Black: 8GB RAM onboard
Yellow: Control chip

HP Spectre 13-v000’s heat sink

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  1. Hi! My laptop fell and some snaps of the bottom cover got broken so the cover is not getting attached as it should! Can you please guide how can I fix this!!!

  2. Hello, I have a question. It turns out that my HP Specter 13 is getting really hot (especially when it’s plugged in), I feel like one of the fans isn’t sucking .. is that normal? I’m thinking of opening it, cleaning it and maybe changing the thermal paste. Will serve?

    1. Yes, you can remove the heat sink and fan, use a brush to clean the dust on the fan, and use a rag to clear the old thermal paste on the heat sink (CPU and GPU), then apply new thermal paste to your CPU and GPU, This will significantly reduce the temperature of your laptop.

  3. hello, is there any way to take apart the LCD/keyboard/cover assembly of the HP Spectre 13 Pro? I have a busted LCD screen but the rest is ok and I don’t need to buy an entire assembly. I’ve taken apart plenty of phones and tablets before so I think it’ll be possible to repair by myself. thanks.

  4. Hello
    do you know the size maximum for the SDD?
    I own an HP SPECTRE 13-V100NF – 13.3
    thank you for your help

    1. Replacing the display cable is a very complicated job, so you need to remove the LCD back cover, and the LCD screen, then disconnect the display cable from the LCD screen, and then remove the back cover of the notebook and disconnect the other end of the display cable from the motherboard, if you are not a professional technician, it is not recommended that you replace the display cable yourself.

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