Meizu M6S Teardown

As we all know, the Meizu M6S with 18:9 full screen design has been officially launched on January 17, 2018. The Meizu M6S features the Super mBack to navigate the smartphone. The Meizu M6S also comes with fingerprint reader on the side. Now, let’s start the teardown on the Meizu M6S to explore its internal structure.
Meizu M6S
The Meizu M6S comes with two five-star screws at the bottom.
remove SIM card tray
First of all, remove the SIM card tray. The Meizu M6S’ card tray uses metal and plastic materials, which can guarantee hardness in the meantime keeps thin and lightweight features.
remove screws
The Meizu M6S uses five-star screws at the bottom. After removing two screws, we can separate the display from the back cover.
remove back cover
remove back cover
The Meizu M6S’ back cover uses the process that the Meizu Pro 6 adopts on its back cover. The Meizu M6S has sturdy back cover, which makes it much difficult for us to disassemble the back cover.
back cover
I think that the Meizu M6S’ back cover has the best workmanship and its cost is the most expansive among those smartphone whose price is within 152 dollars. The back cover is durable.

Fingerprint reader on the side
fingerprint reader
The fingerprint reader’s wire ribbon is fixed on the back cover by glue.
fingerprint reader
The fingerprint reader has small volume and its function is to collect fingerprint. The scanning process is performed on the motherboard. The Meizu M6S’ recognition rate and recognition speed are as good as those Meizu Meilan phones which come with fingerprint reader on the front.

Motherboard has excellent detail.
Then, disassemble the motherboard. Pull out the display below the motherboard, wire ribbon sockets of touch control, charge connector and battery as well as power button on the motherboard’s left side.
disassemble motherboard
Remove the antenna line on the motherboard’s right side.
disassemble motherboard
Remove seven screws on the motherboard, and then we can take out the motherboard.
disassemble motherboard
The components on the motherboard are basically protected by metal shield cover. The flash is protected by soft sponge, which is used to protect circuit.
Remove two cameras on the motherboard.
remove cameras
The Meizu M6S comes with the 8MP front shooter for selfies alongside a 12MP rear camera. Both the two cameras use F/2.0 aperture. As far as volume is concerned, the rear camera’s volume is much bigger than the front camera. Besides, the rear camera is protected by metal cover.
remove screws on charge socket
Next, disconnect the charge connector. Remove seven screws from the charge connector’s cover.
disassemble the charge connector
Use the pry to remove the cover.
remove cover
Then remove the wire ribbon connected with the motherboard.
remove wire ribbon
The Meizu M6S uses high-end motor. The motor is placed between the charge connector and the battery, which enables the user swiftly to return to desktop by pressing the mback.
The micro-USB port and the 3.5mm earphone port are on the charger connector. The circuit provides touch control sensor function, and it is also an important part to achieve Super mBack.
The Meizu M6S has slim body. The battery with the capacity of 3,000mAh doesn’t occupy much space.

The Meizu M6S has excellent workmanship and reasonable component layout design. The phone’s back case uses good process. The touch control chip is integrated with sensor chip and display to provide the user with Super mBack interactive feedback. The Meizu M6S comes with fingerprint reader on the side and features Super mBack function. In general, the Meizu M6S has good cost performance and good internal design.
meizu M6S


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