New Xiaomi 5G Phone With 120W Charger Spotted On 3C Certification

A few days ago, an unknown Xiaomi’s phone with a model number “M2007J1SC” was spotted on the MIIT Certification of China. That Certification revealed almost nothing about the phone except a few things that the phone belongs to the flagship section of Xiaomi with 5G Support.

M2007J1SC 3C Certification

Today, we got a new 3C Certification, which is about the same Xiaomi’s unannounced M2007J1SC phone. In the 3C Certification, it can be seen that the product is a mobile device that also supports 5G network connectivity. Moreover, the charging capability is also revealed.

The phone also supports 120W (20V, 6A) super ultra-flash charging, which seems to be launch by Xiaomi soon. The charger (120W) model number is “MDY-12-ED”. The applicant of this 3C Certification is “Xiaomi Communications Company Limited,” and it got approved recently on the 13th of July.

It seems like the phone may be launched soon (maybe in August). As other famous Chinese Manufacturers, including Oppo, Realme, Vivo has announced the launch of their 120W ultra-flash charging technology in August too.

According to some previous leaks, the phone may be equipped with a higher refresh rate screen (Maybe 120Hz), as stated by the famous blogger @Digital Chat Station, earlier this week. It will be powered by a flagship chipset (Maybe SD 865+ or Dimensity 1000+). The phone’s model number “M2007J1SC” was also listed by “XiaomiShka” earlier this year as the models that would be launched this year.

Some rumors suggest that it may be the upcoming Mi Mix 4 or Mi CC10 but still, it is just a rumor. Currently, there is no more information regarding this phone.

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