Xiaomi Pad 6 and 6 Pro Key Specifications Revealed

It’s been almost a year since Xiaomi hasn’t revealed the updated version of its main tablet lineup. However, the industry’s latest reports claim that the company has started to work on the upcoming series, which is expected to be named: Xiaomi Pad 6 series.

This morning, the famous blogger @Digital Chat Station (on Weibo) revealed that two models from Xiaomi with the codename “L8x” are in development. As per our sources, both of these devices belong to Xiaomi Pad 6 series.

Xiaomi Pad 6 series

As said by the blogger, the base model will feature a display with a 2.5K higher resolution and 120Hz refresh rate support. It would be powered by the Snapdragon 870 sub-flagship chipset, which is based on the same manufacturing as in Snapdragon 865 but has a 1x overclocked Cortex-A78 core (@3.2GHz).

Next, we have the high-end version, which would feature the Snapdragon 888, an old flagship chipset from Qualcomm. It is worth mentioning that the chipset features Cortex-X1 Super Core, X60 5G Modem, and Adreno 660 GPU. The blogger also said that this model has a newly manufactured screen in addition to a new mold and new design.

The blogger has currently revealed very little info regarding the expected Xiaomi Pad 6 series. However, if we look at the previous Xiaomi Pad 5 series, it got launched in August 2021 and was divided into two models: one with Snapdragon 860 and the other with Snapdragon 870.

We expect the Xiaomi Pad 6 series launch time to be the same as the Xiaomi Pad 5 series (i.e., August 2022).


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