Huawei Has Applied For A Patent For An In-Display Camera

Recently, it is reported that Huawei Technology Company Ltd. had applied for a patent, which was named “Structure, Camera Module and Terminal Equipment for Hidden Front Camera” on March 18, 2019. Announcement on April 14.

A Patent For An In-Display Camera

A Patent For An In-Display Camera

The patent shows us that the utility model, which is provided by Huawei, has a structure for hiding three things which are a front camera, a camera module, and a terminal device. The structure also includes a light guide plate which is placed between the front camera and the glass screen cover.

The projection of the light guide plate is placed in a direction that is perpendicular to the display screen, which also covers the screening of the notch as well in the direction perpendicular to the display screen.

Moreover, it also includes one or more color’s light sources which are located on the side of the light guide plate, will be used to emit light of specified color to the side of the light guide plate under the control of the processor. The light guide plate will also be used to change the propagation direction of the light of the specified color, which will be perpendicular to the display screen direction so the light guide plate will be able to display the specified color.

With the help of the light guide plate and the color’s light source, the light which would be emitted by the color’s light source will get refracted and excreted into the gap blocked by the light guide plate. Thereby preventing the distance and improving the display effect of the terminal device. And this whole patent can be a solution for making a phone with an in-display camera.

From a plus employee, it is reported that different manufacturers are going to launching various types of equipment under the display in 2020. However, based on the quality requirements of the current flagship phones, it is still not confirmed whether the manufacturer will use it on the flagship phone of a flagship series.

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