Huawei P60 Case Revealed, New and Different Triple Camera Layout

Back in July 2021, Huawei introduced its Huawei P50 lineup, which also consists of the Snapdragon 888 4G powered smartphone. However, it seems that the company is now looking forward to releasing the next generation of its P-Series as we got the first look at its new leak.

This morning, the famous blogger Digital Chat Station revealed the images of the Huawei P60 case. The main highlight in these images is the camera module of the Huawei P60, which seems to be properly redesigned.

As seen in the images, the Huawei P60’s backside camera module is placed in the upper-left corner. It is rectangular shaped and would consist of three camera lenses, as far as can be judged. The primary and larger camera module is placed in the middle of the camera.

Then we have two other square-shaped lenses at the top and bottom of the camera module. The LED flash is placed in the upper-right corner. Except this, the TPU case also revealed the volume buttons and lock button positioning, which is at the right top (from the display side).

As previously reported through the supply chain, Huawei is expected to release two major flagship series this year, including its P60 series and Mate 60 series. One is expected to be released in March 2023, while the second is in September 2023.

The all-new Huawei P60 series is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen2 chipset, which would use the new TSMC manufacturing process and have a higher frequency than the standard version.

Due to Huawei’s restrictions, the P60 series will feature the Snapdragon 8+ Gen2’s 4G version and support the 5G network through a communication case.


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