iPhone 12 Series Will Support Magnetic Positioning Charging: Wireless Charging Module Leaked

Previously, it was reported that Apple has officially canceled its AirPower project. But now, there are some rumors too that Apple may develop another wireless charging solution. Recently, something new regarding the battery charging of the upcoming iPhone 12 series has been revealed.

The charging coil of the new iPhone 12 series has been exposed, which seems to be different from the previous iPhone 11’s wireless charging coil. It can also be seen that the new charging coil consists of a magnetic circle-shaped strip. It seems like Apple may include the magnetic attraction function in the wireless charging of the upcoming iPhone series.

iPhone 12 Series Magnetic Charging

This magnetic attraction function was also rumored to be featured in Apple’s AirPower. Moreover, the wireless charging protective case that matches the iPhone 12 has also been exposed, and its wireless charging module seems to adopt the same design.

A few years ago, when Apple announced its AirPower charging pad, one of its popular features was that it supports charging anywhere on the AirPower’s pad without requiring the device to be aligned with the coil.

Moreover, Apple’s Watch also uses a magnetic charging design. When the bottom side of the watch is placed on the magnetic charger’s base, the magnet in the charger aligns the Apple watch first and then starts the charging process.

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