iQOO Neo5 supports 66W fast charging, full charging in 30 minutes

Today, iQOO is warming up for iQOO Neo5: the phone supports 66W flash charging, which can be fully charged in only 30 minutes.

Although the 66W flash charge of iQOO Neo5 is much slower than the 120W flash charge of the iQOO 7, the 66W also exceeds that of some flagship phones. At the same time, it is a step forward compared to the 44W fast charge used in the iQOO Neo3, it is also the snapdragon 870 mobile phone with the fastest charging speed at present. There are currently two released Snapdragon 870 mobile phones: Redmi K40 supports 33W fast charging, and Motorola Edge S supports 20W fast charging.

iQOO Neo5 supports 66W fast charging, full charging in 30 minutes

iQOO Neo5 uses Super FlashCharge technology to increase the maximum charging power to 66W. It uses two ICs with a conversion efficiency of up to 97% for charging. Compared with a single charging IC, it can maintain a conversion rate of 97% of the cell energy density.

More importantly, the charging process of iQOO Neo5 is also very safe. There is a temperature sensor inside the charger, and the charger temperature information can be transmitted to the mobile phone through the data cable. The charging power is monitored in real-time to ensure the safe and low-temperature charging process of the mobile phone.

In addition, iQOO Neo5 also supports features such as a high refresh rate screen and a large-capacity battery. The phone will be officially released on March 16.

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