Lenovo Legion Gaming Smartphone Got 3C Certification

On June 1, a new Lenovo’s smartphone is spotted on the 3C certification website. The phone has a model of Lenovo-L79031 and has applied by Lenovo (Beijing) Limited. According to some reports, the phone’s model number is the model number of upcoming Lenovo Legion’s series Smartphone.

Lenovo Legion Series Gaming Phone 3C Certification

According to 3C certification, the phone supports 5G Network Connectivity. Moreover, it also has fast-charging support up to 45 Watts.

From previously leaked information, the smartphone Lenovo-L79031 is an upcoming gaming smartphone from Lenovo’s Legion series. The standard charger model is SC-88, which supports 45W fast charging. In previous poster released by Lenovo, Lenovo said it could support up to 90W fast charging.

From some leaks, it is also reported that the phone may have a notch-less display and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. The phone will be powered by the latest flagship “Qualcomm Snapdragon 865” chipset. It also features a side pop-up camera for taking photos from the front side. On the backside, it got a dual-camera setup while the camera’s specification is not confirmed. There is also an LED flash under the camera setup.

The new gaming phone will be equipped with a 3D cooling tower structure with dual heat pipe partitions for long-lasting cooling.

It is also reported from Lenovo e-sports that the new upcoming gaming phone uses a new customized UI, in which the landscape screen is horizontal, the status bar has been moved to the right, and the UI of the setting interface has been optimized.

The phone was teased already back in April, but due to the Pandemic, its launch event is still not announced.

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