Lenovo ThinkPad 65W PD Adapter Review and Teardown

Today, we will show the review and teardown process of the Lenovo ThinkPad PD 65W PD adapter – ADLX65YCC2A.


appearance design
This PD power adapter is in the common shape of the strip. The adapter has AC input socket and Type-C cable.
product specification
Foundry: Delta Electronics. Inc. Product model number: ADLX65YCC2A. Power rate: 65W. The adapter’s nameplate suggests that it supports four voltage output types: 5V 2A; 9V 2A; 15V 3A; 20V 3.25A.
Type-C socket
Type-C socket


The ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001 tester shows that the adapter supports four voltage output types: 5V 3A; 9V 3A; 15V 3A; 20V 3.2A. The result is slightly different from the data on its nameplate.

The Type-C port is tested by EBD via Legendary PD detector
EBD test
Under the voltage of 5V, the max output current is 3,4A and the power rate is 16.4W, which exceeds its standard current and power rate. The voltage is slightly lower, affected by cable length.
EBD test
Under the voltage of 9V, the max current is 3.31A and power rate is 28.8W, exceeding the standard current and power rate.
EBD test
Under the voltage of 15V the max output current is 3.31A and power rate is 28.8W, which not only exceeds standard current and power but also measurement range of EBD 35W.
EBD test
Under the voltage of 20V, the max output current and power rate also exceed the measurement range of EBD 35W.


remove the shell
The adapter has a thick shell. To begin with, we use a metal bar to remove the shell. Two bars get curved because they touch the metal shield. Under such case, we have no choice but use an electric grinder.
metal shield
The metal shield gets damaged by the bar.
metal shield
white thermal conductivity glue
Lots of white thermal conductivity glue.
weld leg
This is the weld leg on one side of the metal shield
silicone thermal conductivity glues
There are lots of silicone thermal conductivity glues on the switching transformer. This glue is used to help heat dissipation, relying on the metal shield.
components on the PCB chip
Many components on the PCB chip get stuck with white glue or shield cover.
AC power input socket
The AC power input socket has pure copper pins.
T3.15A 250V CQ MST
It is black Conquer slow-blow fuse- T3.15A 250V CQ MST.
The blue Korean CMPP is a safety capacitor.
rectifier bridge and primary COS
There are a rectifier bridge and a primary COS on the large heat dissipation chip.
output Schottky diode
The unit on the small heat dissipation chip is the output Schottky diode.
main filter capacitor
The main filter capacitor is from Nichicon. 120μF 420V.
It is the rectifier bridge. U3K8 GULF, 3A 700V.
Toshiba field effect transistor (FET) -TK11A65D
It is Toshiba field effect transistor (FET) -TK11A65D. 11A 650V. TO220F MOS field effect transistor switch.
PWM SPPE. Rubycon 100V 10μF.
heat dissipation chip
Small heat dissipation chip
Schottky rectifier G40100CTW
Schottky rectifier G40100CTW is from LITEON, 40A 100V.
output filter capacitor
It is output filter capacitor from Japanese NCC. 25V 1000μF.
PWM chip
PWM chip
PD controller
PD controller
Optocoupler (OC)
PD output MOS
PD output MOS, Allergro AO4447A -15A/ -13V SOP8 MOS FET
core wires
The PD output has three core wires, including red and black power wire and blue PD signal wire.
Shell material
Shell material: PC. This material is solid and flexible.


In the laptop field, PD power has gradually occupied comprehensively the market, benefited from the compatibility of the smart pocket device. The Lenovo ThinkPad ADLX65YCC2A adapter, made by LiteOn and Teclast, has good workmanship, high quality, and reasonable price. This PD adapter gives more choice for users.



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  1. Really appreciated the insight into this PSU adapter. I am working on this exact same adapter.
    Any chance you could provide the pinouts or a URL that shows the pinout for the output connector?

  2. I would also like to know if there are any additional circuitry in the USB connector end, or if the blue wire is connected straight into CC.

  3. Hello, many thanks for this teardown. I was wondering why you never tear down a Dell Adapter 65W or 90W Type-c?
    I tried to fix the dell adapter USB type-c connector by swapping with this Lenovo you disassembled.
    But I cut both cables lenovo’s and dell’s but Lenovo’s cable has blue, red, and earth cable not black. The dell has white, blue, and black. And I need Lenovo cable solder onto dell’s adapter. So I soldered Lenovo red cable as voltage and blue as sense and stripped -earth wire as ground but I have no charge…
    Can you diagnose which cable is power and which is ground? Or could you disassemble dell’s adapter?


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