Nokia 7 Plus Teardown

The Nokia 7 Plus has just made its appearance on MWC 2018. The phone features a 6-inch FHD+ LCD screen with the screen ratio of 18:9 and it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor. Today, we will tear down the Nokia 7 Plus to see its workmanship.
Nokia 7 Plus
First of all, remove the SIM card tray.
remove the SIM card tray
We find no screws on the phone. Besides, it uses the all-metal design on the back. Therefore, we need to remove the front screen.
remove the front screen

remove screen
remove screen
It is quite difficult to separate the screen from the phone body. We utilize the hot air gun, a card, and a sucker to remove the screen.
remove the screen
Don’t directly remove the screen since the screen is connected to phone body via ribbon wire and the BTB port is covered by the shield. Therefore, disconnect the ribbon wire before removing the screen.
disconnect the ribbon wire
After removing the screen, the metal plate in the middle can be seen. The metal plate is used to strengthen the structure and fix the components below it. Nowadays, the smartphone like the Nokia 7 Plus with such design is rare to see. Lots of screws are found on the metal plate.
metal plate
Remove the roll cage in the middle and all the screws which can be seen. Some screws are covered by the glue.
Remove the roll cage

Take out the metal plate, and then we can see the smartphone’s internal structure. The phone adopts classic three-stage design.
Take out the metal plate
The Nokia 7 Plus has excellent workmanship. The phone remains the 3.5mm earphone port with independent design, and such design is rare to see. Most of the back of the motherboard is covered by the shield. For the part which fails to be fixed by the shield on the back of the motherboard, Nokia has used the screw to fix them. For example, the vice board is connected to the motherboard via FPC which is fixed by the screw.
3.5mm earphone port
vice board
The phone does use adopts all-metal body design.
back cover material
It is the screen plate. Compared with other smartphone’s screen integration, the phone comes with a screen with thin and fragility.
In general, we find that the Nokia 7 Plus has excellent workmanship after the teardown. Besides, the phone’s internal components have been well fixed. The phone is a good choice for those who love the Nokia brand.

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