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Xiaomi Mi 9 Teardown

Today, Wang Teng, product director of Xiaomi Company, showed some internal pictures of Xiaomi Mi 9. Let us take a look at the internal structure of the fuselage from this set of pictures.

After removing the back cover, you can see the wireless charging coil and NFC module. However, this huge wireless charging coil also occupies a considerable space inside the fuselage.
Remove back cover

Next, the wireless charging coil was removed and the battery was seen. From the information on the battery, we know that the Xiaomi Mi 9 battery is manufactured by Sunwoda.
Xiaomi 9 battery

This is the 20w wireless charging coil and NFC module.
Xiaomi 9 NFC

In this step, the middle frame has been removed. The upper part has some thermal grease, the fingerprint identification module can be seen in the lower part, and the right side has a large size Z-axis motor.
Xiaomi 9 middle frame

Xiaomi mi 9

This is the back of the motherboard of Xiaomi Mi 9, mainly distributed with some RF and power chips. Wang Teng said that this part of the chips has done P2i waterproof treatment. The publicly available data shows that P2i is coated with a layer of nano-polymer. This film is attached to the surface of the product. Even if liquid enters the device, it will not affect the components.
Xiaomi 9 motherboard

This is the front of the motherboard. The front of the motherboard is distributed with Snapdragon 855,memory and sim card slot.
Xiaomi 9 motherboard

This is the rear camera module, which contains three cameras, and you can see that the 48-megapixel IMX586 is quite large. Its pixel size is 0.8um, FOV 79°, F/1.75, 6P lens, support 4-in-1 to achieve 1200MP+1.6um large pixels.
Xiaomi 9 camera

This is the speaker with a number of 1217, you can see that it is very large.
Xiaomi 9 speaker

Xiaomi 9 teardown

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  1. When I plug my phone, the blue light turns on one second then off again and nothing after that. I changed the screen so I might have damaged something else in the process.

    I also changed the motherboard cable that had a little tear but it didn’t help.

    Has anyone experienced such an issue?

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