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Huawei Honor 7 Teardown

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Huawei Honor 7 to remove the back cover, battery, camera, speaker and motherboard. Refer to this guide. You can repair your Huawei Honor 7.

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The first step, remove the SIM card tray.

Remove the back cover. The back cover is connected to the body by metal snaps.

Once the back cover was removed, you can get access to the internal structure.

Remove all screws securing the metal shield.

Remove the metal shield.

Huawei Honor 7 fingerprint Sensor

Remove the speaker module.

Remove the battery.

Huawei Honor 7 comes with a 3100mah Li-polymer battery.

Rear camera and front camera, Huawei Honor 7 uses a Sony IMX230 CMOS module.

Huawei Honor 7 motherboard

Broadcom BCM4339 5G module
HiSilicon Hi6421 Power management chip
HiSilicon Hi6361 RF chip

HiSilicon Kirin 935 processor
Samsung 16GB ROM

HiSilicon Hi6361 RF chip
HiSilicon Hi6402 Audio decoder chip
Skyworks 77597 RF chip

Light distance sensor

For more guides, check out the Huawei Honor 7 device page.

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