Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro+ Will Feature A Built-in Qualcomm’s GPU Turbo

Recently, the CEO of Xiaomi’s company has revealed about the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro+. After his “Super Cup”(codename of Mi 10 Pro+) warm-up, it was reported that the new Xiaomi’s flagship might be launched in between the mid and end of August.

As the time of the launch of the phone is coming near. More things are getting revealed about the phone. Today, the ROM of Mi 10 Pro+ just got leaked. In the leaked ROM, a new optimization app for gaming is discovered. The app is powered by Qualcomm GPU Turbo, as the logos of both can be seen in the interface of the app.

The interface is divided into two sections “GPU Settings” (basic settings) and “Additional Settings.” The GPU Settings include default, energy-saving, balanced, high-quality, and custom modes. In the custom mode, you can adjust the anti-aliasing strength, anisotropic filtering strength, and texture filtering.

Some rumors also claimed that the frequency of GPU could be intervened manually to facilitate users to get the full hardware potential. It is expected that this technology may be launched in other brands like Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus too.

Previously, it was reported that the new flagship “Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro+” will be equipped with a 120Hz refresh rate display. Moreover, it will be powered by the latest Qualcomm’s flagship chipset “SD 865+” and fast charging technology with support up to 100W charging. A new 100MP primary camera sensor is also expected to be equipped in the rear camera.

Currently, there is no official launch date for the phone.

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