MSI Raider 18 HX A14V Review (Core i9-14900HX, RTX 4090)

MSI, a prominent name in the computer market. The brand has also created a strong image in the notebook segment due to its powerful gaming notebooks. MSI offers different notebook lineups covering almost every consumer’s needs. Our today’s focus is the gaming segment notebook of MSI. The company has around eight gaming lineups, including the Titan, Stealth, Raider, Vector, and many more. The notebook we will review today belongs to the MSI Raider series and is named “MSI Raider 18 HX A14V.” From the notebook’s name, you can easily judge that the CPU of this notebook is from Intel’s HX series, while the display is 18 inches in size.

The MSI Raider 18 HX A14V is the new gaming segment entry by MSI, powered by the latest 14th generation Intel Core i9-14900HX CPU, the best you can get from Intel. In addition, the notebook is available in the RTX 4000 series GPU, and the variant we selected for review has RTX 4090 GPU. In short, we can say that this is the top-of-the-line variant and has the best performance in every field. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time we are reviewing a notebook equipped with RTX 4090 GPU.

In addition, the notebook also has a massive 18-inch display and a heavyweight body. The display is an 18-inch UHD+ MiniLED Display. Moreover, the officials have provided 4 RAM slots with a maximum supported capacity of 192GB-DDR5. Regarding storage, we have two SSD slots, one of which also supports PCIe Gen5 protocols. The notebook’s specifications indicate it will be compelling in terms of performance, so let’s check.

MSI Raider 18 HX A14V: Specifications

Screen 18” UHD+ (3840×2400), MiniLED, 120Hz
Processor Intel Core i9-14900HX CPU (14th Gen), Total 24 Cores (including 8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores) and 32 Threads
Wireless Connection Intel Killer BE Wi-Fi 7 + Bluetooth 5.4
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU 16GB GDDR6
Up to 2280MHz Boost Clock 175W Maximum Graphics Power with Dynamic Boost. Max. 250W CPU-GPU
Memory 64GB Dual-Channel 5600MHz RAM, Max 192GB Memory Support and 4 RAM Slots (4000MHz frequency on 4 slots)
Storage 2TB M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD, manufactured by Samsung.
1x M.2 SSD slot (NVMe PCIe Gen4), 1x M.2 SSD slot (NVMe PCIe Gen5) Compatible
1x Type-C (USB / DP / Thunderbolt 4)
1x Type-C (USB / DP / Thunderbolt 4) with PD3.1 charging
3x Type-A USB3.2 Gen2
1x SD Express Card Reader
1x HDMI 2.1 (8K @ 60Hz / 4K @ 120Hz)
1x RJ45
Battery 99.99WHr, 4-cell Li-ion Battery with 330W AC Adapter
OS Windows 11 Home (MSI recommends Windows 11 Pro for business.)
Windows 11 Pro
Weight 3.6 kg (7.94 lbs)

MSI Raider 18 HX A14V: Body Design and Appearance

With an 18-inch display, the body size of the notebook will definitely increase. The MSI Raider 18 HX A14V has the following dimensions: 404*307.5*32.05mm and weighs 3.6kg. In the opened state, the thickness is 24mm. In terms of portability, the notebook may seem somewhat unwieldy and heavy. Yet, given its ultra-high specifications and the necessary scale of heat dissipation, this weight management is commendable.

MSI Raider 18 HX A14V Display Shell

In terms of appearance, the notebook maintains the aesthetics of the MSI Raider series. The body has an extended area at the back consisting of ports, which is common in gaming notebooks. The entire body uses metal with a sandblasted surface treatment for a delicate feel. The notebook comes in only a single color, i.e., Core Black.

We have a plain surface on the display shell with the MSI logo in the middle top. This MSI logo is a shield with a dragon inside it. The emblem also supports RGB lighting, increasing notebook gaming aesthetics. As a flagship gaming laptop, the MSI Raider 18 HX A14V achieves a harmonious blend of coolness and simplicity. It incorporates numerous hardcore, mecha-style design elements yet maintains a balanced and not overly overwhelming appearance. Its aesthetic appeals to a broad audience.

MSI Raider 18 HX A14V: Display

As per officials, the MSI Raider 18 HX A14V features the world’s first 4K (3840*2400p) MIniLED Display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Moreover, the officials also mentioned that this display supports 1000nits brightness, a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, covers 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, and has the following certifications: SGS Certified and DisplayHDR1000. In terms of the display’s appearance, except for the bottom border, all the other three are very narrow.

MSI Raider 18 HX A14V Display

For the display benchmark testing, we used the Spyder X and found out that this display covers 79.5% Adobe RGB and 95.2% DCI-P3 color gamut. A significant difference between the official claim (100% DCI-P3 color gamut) can be seen. In the color accuracy test, the average Delta-E value was 0.42, which is excellent. We also did a display refresh rate test using the UFOTest website and discovered that the refresh rate is 120Hz, the same as the official claim.

MSI Raider 18 HX A14V Screen Test Results

sRGB null
Adobe RGB 79.5%
DCI-P3 95.2%
Maximum Brightness 1000nits
Average Delta E 0.42

The notebook also includes built-in TrueColor software, featuring exclusive color adjustment technology. It offers various preset color modes like gaming e-sports, anti-blue light, and Display P3, each tailored for different scenarios. Operating it is straightforward and user-friendly. It caters to diverse tasks and environments for professional visual design or casual movie-watching and entertainment.

We have a webcam area on the top of the screen with an IR Full-HD resolution supported lens (records 1080p@30fps, HDR) and a microphone that supports 3DNR+ (3D Noise Reduction+). In addition, the officials have also provided a privacy shutter that can block the camera’s view.

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MSI Raider 18 HX A14V: Keyboard and TouchPad

Under the display, we have the Per-Key RGB Gaming Keyboard by Steel series, as named by the officials. Through built-in software, users can adjust the RGB lighting of each key differently. This full-sized keyboard also features a NumericPad with Steel series branding at the bottom left. There are two oblique array RGB light strips above the top of the keyboard.

MSI Raider 18 HX A14V Keyboard

In addition, an RGB matrix light strip is also there on the opening corners of the notebook, strengthening the e-sports element of the notebook. Under the keyboard, we have a spacious palm rest area. Below the NumericPad, the manufacturer has provided a fingerprint sensor that allows you to log in to Windows quickly. In the middle-bottom area, we have a TouchPad, which feels very small. We believe the manufacturer could make it bigger in this large area. However, we can ignore the touchpad’s quality because gamers usually use external mice during gaming.

MSI Raider 18 HX A14V: Ports

In terms of ports, the MSI Raider 18 HX A14V is fully enriched with ports. The number of ports in these notebooks matters greatly because gamers must connect different peripheral devices for gaming. This notebook features a total of 11 ports, which can cater to all the daily needs whether you are a gamer or a business-segment user.

Starting from the notebook’s left side, we have a Kensington Lock, 2x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A ports, and an SD card reader. At the backside, we have an RJ45 port, an HDMI 2.1 port, and a DC-in (charging port, discussed further in the charging section). On the right side, we have an audio jack, a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A port, and 2x Thunderbolt 4 Type-C port (one of them supports PD 3.1 charging, while DisplayPort is supported on both).

It is worth mentioning that the HDMI 2.1 port supports 8K resolution @60Hz and 4K @120Hz. The charging specifications of ports are discussed in the charging section. With these numerous ports, we are sure the users wouldn’t be required to carry any additional USB dock. This is another aspect of the notebook that makes it a flagship-level product.

MSI Raider 18 HX A14V: Battery and Charging

Regarding battery, MSI has provided the same 4-cell 99.9WHr battery module we have seen in the company’s other flagship gaming notebooks.  In addition, the officials have also provided a 330W charging adaptor, which supports quick charging.

If you have lost this 330W adaptor, you can still charge the notebook through PD charging at 65W (20V/3.25A) and 140W (28V/5A). For PD charging, MSI recommends the company’s own PD charger. We also did a battery test by doing a video playback. Before the test, the performance mode was set to energy-saving, Windows Power Management was switched to optimal energy efficiency, Wi-Fi was turned on, and the brightness level was set at 50%. We played a 1080p video on these settings for 2 hours, and the battery level dropped to 70% from 91%.

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MSI Raider 18 HX A14V: RAM and SSD

After the battery, it’s time to discuss the memory and storage of the notebook. MSI has equipped the Raider 18 HX A14V with 4 RAM slots. Due to Intel’s platform constraints, the current design restricts the maximum memory frequency to 4000MHz regardless of the number of modules installed. Nevertheless, MSI continues to outfit this model with 5600MHz RAM modules. The model we are reviewing comes with 64GB (2x 32GB DDR5 modules) RAM.

We used our traditional software to test the RAM, i.e., AIDA64 Cache and Memory benchmark application. On completion of the test, we got the following results: 63,082 MB/s Read Speed, 60,576 MB/s Write Speed, and 63,062 MB/s Copy Speed, while the latency rate was 96.9ns. It is worth mentioning that the RAM capacity can be upgraded to a maximum of 192GB.

Regarding storage, MSI has provided two SSD slots in its Raider 18 HX A14V. One of these slots also supports PCIe Gen5 SSD protocols, ensuring the notebook remains future-proofed. The variant we got for review is equipped with a 2TB PCIe 4.0 SSD manufactured by Samsung. The SSD can be seen during the disassembly of the notebook. It carries the following model number: PM9A1.

For SSD’s benchmarking, we used the CrystalDiskMark application. On completion, we got the following results: 6,961.97 MB/s Sequential Read Speed, 5,158.45 MB/s Sequential Write Speed, 82.34 MB/s 4K Random Read Speed and 240.53 MB/s 4K Random Write Speed. These scores indicate that the notebook utilizes a flagship SSD.

MSI Raider 18 HX A14V: CPU and its Benchmark

The all-new MSI Raider 18 HX A14V is driven by the Core i9-14900HX CPU, currently the pinnacle of Intel’s offerings. Being part of the HX series, the focus is on delivering robust performance rather than prioritizing reduced power consumption. The CPU is based on Raptor Lake architecture, consisting of 24 cores and 32 threads. These 24 cores include 8 P-Cores (2.2GHz Base and 5.7GHz Max Frequency) and 16 E-Cores (1.6GHz Base and 4.1GHz Max).

The CPU boasts a generous 36MB L3 cache and operates at a baseline power consumption of 55W, featuring a hybrid heterogeneous architecture and supporting hyper-threading technology. These specifications make it highly appealing to gaming enthusiasts. We also did the benchmark testing of the CPU, which is mentioned below:

CPU-Z: 893.7 on Single-Core and 13363.1 on Multi-Core

Cinebench R23: 2,136pts on Single-Core and 32,149pts on Multi-Core

3DMark CPU Profile: 1,201 on Single-Core and 12,936 on Multi-Core

MSI Raider 18 HX A14V: GPU and its Benchmark

MSI has provided many GPU options in its MSI Raider 18 HX A14V. The notebook is available in the following GPU options: RTX 4070, RTX 4080, and RTX 4090. We are reviewing a top-of-the-line variant in every aspect, whether GPU, Storage, or RAM.

Regarding specifications, the GPU is built on NVIDIA’s latest Ada Lovelace architecture and features 16GB of GDDR6 video memory with a 256-bit video memory width. The GPU has a max power consumption of 175W, which allows it to get up to 2280MHz frequency. This GPU not only meets the demands of top-end gaming but also satisfies the requirements of graphics designers. Following are the benchmark results of GPU:

3DMark Time Spy: 20,812 Total Score including 22,542 GPU Score

3DMark Time Spy Extreme: 10,922 Total Score including 10,984 GPU Score

3DMark Fire Strike: 36,594 Total Score including 48,045 GPU Score

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme: 25,220 Total Score including 27,183 GPU Score

3DMark Port Royal: 13,992 GPU Score

MSI Raider 18 HX A14V: Gaming Test

The notebook we are reviewing is one of the most powerful and best options in gaming. It’s time to check how better these robust specifications can perform. We did a gaming test on some popular 3A games currently available on the market. Before heading toward the benchmark section of games, it is worth mentioning that during this scenario, the power mode was switched to Best Performance; power release was selected on Fury Mode while the default testing resolution was 4K+ (3840*2400p).

PUBG: At 4K resolution and the highest image preset quality, we got a relatively smooth average of 114fps. When the image preset quality was lowered by one level, the average frame rates were 145fps, more than the screen’s capacity.

Forza Horizon 5: we set the video quality to extremely high, turned off the DLSS, and got an average frame rate of 104fps.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: At first, the Ray Tracing was set to the default image quality, DLSS was turned on, and we got average frame rates of 57fps.

MSI Raider 18 HX A14V: Heat Dissipation and Stress Testing

Turning to the bottom of the notebook, we have a large-area mecha-style heat dissipation grille on the bottom of the notebook. To dismantle the notebook, we have to remove the metal cover. When it is removed, the heat dissipation system can be observed. MSI has named this cooling system “MSI Cooler Boost 5” technology, incorporating 3D cooling stands, dual fans, and six copper pipes to enhance thermal efficiency significantly. A novel shared heat pipe design effectively connects to both the CPU and GPU concurrently, ensuring efficient heat dissipation even during demanding tasks. We have also done a stress test on the CPU and GPU to check how efficient this system is.

MSI Raider 18 HX A14V Bottom

CPU Stress Testing: We used the AIDA64 Stress FPU Test for this. After running it for around 15 minutes, the power consumption was stabilized at 146W while the CPU’s temperature was 77°C. We also measured the notebook’s surface temperature and found that the keyboard area has a 30.4°C temperature, while the area above the keyboard has the highest temperature, i.e., 33°C. Ultimately, we checked how loud the fans were at a distance typical for computer users. Their measured sound was 48.6 db, meaning they weren’t noisy or bothersome.

GPU Stress Testing: It’s time for GPU stress testing. This test was conducted using the FurMark application. After 10 minutes of testing, the GPU’s power consumption was at 175W (due to the support of DynamicBoost technology), the core temperature was 67.5°C, and the frequency was at 1500MHz.

Combined Stress Testing: We finally did the most brutal test in which the CPU and GPU were stressed together. After running the test in the same benchmark applications for 12 minutes, the CPU and GPU power consumption was at 75W (temperature was 77°C) and 175W (temperature was 72.5°C), respectively, achieving a total 250W power consumption. Regarding surface temperature, the highest observed temperature was 43.2°C above the keyboard area, while the keyboard area’s temperature was 42.4°C.

The heat dissipation system in the MSI Raider 18 HX A14V is impressive. It handles the powerful i9-14900HX processor combined with the RTX4090 graphics card, keeping temperatures in check even under heavy use.


The MSI Raider 18 HX A14V, a flagship gaming laptop, is powered by the latest 14th generation Intel Core i9-14900HX CPU and features an RTX 4090 GPU, making it the top-of-the-line variant in MSI’s gaming lineup. With a massive 18-inch UHD+ MiniLED display boasting impressive specs such as 1000nits brightness and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, this laptop offers an immersive visual experience. Its design maintains the aesthetic appeal of the MSI Raider series with a metal body and customizable RGB lighting.

Equipped with a Per-Key RGB Gaming Keyboard by SteelSeries, the laptop offers a comfortable typing experience, complemented by additional features like a fingerprint sensor for quick logins. It comes packed with an array of ports, including Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports and an HDMI 2.1 port supporting 8K resolution. The MSI Raider 18 HX A14V delivers exceptional performance, as evidenced by benchmark tests showcasing its CPU and GPU capabilities. It easily handles demanding games like PUBG, and Fand orza Horizon 5, maintaining high frame rates even at 4K resolution.

The heat dissipation system, named “MSI Cooler Boost 5” technology, effectively manages thermal output, keeping temperatures stable even under heavy loads. The laptop’s fans operate quietly, measuring just 49.5 decibels during typical use. Priced at $3999, the MSI Raider 18 HX A14V offers top-tier performance and premium features. For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, MSI also provides variants with the RTX 4070 and RTX 4080 GPUs, catering to a broader range of consumers.

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