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OnePlus 6T Teardown

As OnePlus annual flagship this year, the OnePlus 6T features the highest screen ratio among OnePlus’s phones. Besides, this flagship is also OnePlus’s first smartphone which supports optical under-screen fingerprint reader. Today, let’s explore this super flagship’s internal structure.

First of all, remove the SIM card tray. We can see that its card tray comes with the waterproof rubber sleeve. Heat the verge of the back cover for five minutes with a heater, and then use a sucker to make a slit appear between the phone case and the phone body.

Now the back cover is taken out. From the picture, we can see that the OnePlus 6T adopts a classic three-stage internal structure. The phone comes with a 16MP F/1.7 aperture main rear camera. Its model number is Sony IMX 519 sensor which supports OIS and EIS as well as Dual Pixel technology. It also features a 16MP front camera with F/2.0 aperture. Its model number is Sony IMX 371 sensor which supports EIS technology.

These are the main components on the front of the motherboard. The part circled red is the Qualcomm PM845 chip, which is supposed to be the power management IC. As for the component circled green, it is the dual LED flash. There are the major components on the back of the motherboard. The part circled red is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip together with the 8GB memory chip from Samsung. The component circled green is the 128GB flash chip. And the part circled blue is the PMI8998 power IC. By the way, Xiaomi MI 6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 also use this power IC. The part circled yellow is the Qualcomm WCD9341 audio chip that the Samsung Galaxy S8 series have featured. The component circled purple is the SIM card slot.

Its battery is made by ATL. The battery’s rated capacity is 3610mAh, typical capacity is 3700mAh, nominal voltage is 3.85V and limited voltage charge is 4.4V.

Both this phone’s speaker and vibrator are manufactured by AAC. They are connected to the vice board via the touch spot. The latter two pictures below show the two sides of the vice board.

Its charge connector adopts the water-proof rubber ring. This is the optical under-screen fingerprint reader. The OnePlus 6T features the GM185 screen fingerprint scanner chip from Goodix.


There are all the components we tear down. The teardown process is relatively easy. In general, the OnePlus 6T has a good waterproof performance. It has a rigid craftsmanship and simple internal structure.
all the components



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