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HP Envy x360 13-aq0000 Disassembly

In this tutorial I show how to disassemble an HP Envy X360 13-aq0000 series Convertible PC, I will remove the bottom cover, battery, SSD, WiFi card, heatsink, and CPU fan.

This guide will work for many different models of HP Spectre x360 13 Convertible PCs (model numbers 13-AQ0000 through 13-AQ10000): HP Envy X360 13-aq0005nr, 13-aq0007ca, 13-aq0008ca, 13-aq0011ms, 13-aq0044nr, 13-aq0045cl, 13-aq0051ms, 13-aq0077nr, 13-aq1001ca, 13-aq1007ca, 13-aq1008ca, 13-aq1010ca, 13-aq1010nr, 13-aq1020ca, 13-aq1030ca, 13-aq1040ca, 13-aq1050ca, 13-aq1075nr, 13-aq1076nr, 13-aq1175cl, 13-aq1185nr, 13-aq1195nr and probably some other models too.

For this disassembly, you will need only four basic tools: Torx T5 screwdriver, Phillips #1 screwdriver, case opener tool, and tweezers.

Here are some HP Envy X360 13-aq0000 Features:
The laptop only has one M.2 SSD slot.
The RAM soldered to the motherboard.
The cooling fan and heatsink are removable.
The keyboard is attached to the top cover.

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Remove the back cover

Like most laptops, envy 13 can see the internal structure of the fuselage just by removing the back cover, which is not difficult to disassemble.
First, remove all visible screws from the back cover.
Five silver screws are hidden under the self-adhesive rear bottom foot. Peel off the foot to access the screws.
Remove the back cover

When removing the rear cover, you need to pay attention to that there are only two screws on the back cover. In fact, most of the screws are hidden under the foot pads. Use double-sided adhesive tape to fix it. You need to be careful when tearing it off, and then remove the row of screws under the foot pad.
Remove the screws

After removing the screws, use a case opener tool to slowly lift the back cover from the edge of the fuselage. Then you can see the components inside the fuselage. To be honest, the thin and light notebooks are easier to disassemble than traditional notebooks, so it is very easy to clean the dust, upgrade M.2 SSD, wireless network card and battery.

After successfully removing the back cover, you can see that although to save space, this HP notebook is full of internal space. But at the same time, its layout is not messy, and it is obviously carefully designed. It is no wonder that ENVY 13 can be so thin and light at the same time with strong performance, it only 14.7mm thick, as light as 1.2Kg
Internal picture

Remove the battery

To prevent accidents, we must pay attention to prevent the generation of static electricity before disassembling. In addition to wearing gloves, we must also unplug the battery cable from the motherboard.
Disconnect the battery cable

Remove all screws attaching the battery to the top case assembly, you can easily remove the battery.
We can see that the ENVY 13 is equipped with a 53Wh large-capacity battery. This capacity of the battery is considered as a large capacity in a 13-inch notebook – which is why it can achieve a long battery life of 16.5h. In short, whether on the go out or on a business trip, a strong battery notebook always gives us more confidence and helps us work more stably and efficiently. HP ENVY 13 can be said to fully take care of the office needs of professionals. And it also supports fast charging technology, which can be charged to 50% of electricity in 45 minutes, so that business people no longer have to worry about falling into the dilemma of insufficient power.
Remove the battery

Remove the CPU fan and heatsink

Remove six screws securing the heatsink.
Remove one screws securing the CPU fan and disconnect the fan cable from the motherboard.
Remove the heatsink

It uses a wide and thick single copper tube heat sink. The CPU and GPU are connected in series. A fan draws cold air from the bottom of the fuselage into the fuselage and discharges the heat from the LCD hinges. This is a more conventional heat dissipation design. The advantage is that it can conduct heat from the hardware in a timely and efficient manner, further accelerate the conduction of heat, and ensure the stability of the temperature inside the fuselage.
Remove the CPU fan

CPU fan and heatsink

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