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Honor Magic 2 Teardown

Huawei’s Honor Magic 2 launched recently owns the unique mechanical structure. Besides, this full-screen smartphone boasts abundant and complex hardware features, such as the slide-out screen and six cameras. Now, we will tear down this phone to see its internal structure.

First of all, power off it and take out the SIM card tray. Heat the phone’s back case, and then separate the back cover from the phone body with a sucker and a clip. Before removing the back cover, slid to unlock the screen first. After opening the back cover, its internal structure can be seen. A lot of graphic stickers have been applied to the back of the back cover. In this way, the phone can have a better heat dissipation performance.

Then, remove the back cover. There are four apertures on the back cover. From the picture, we can see the three-camera rear setup, the motherboard and the battery which are covered by metal sheets. Obviously, this smartphone has a compact and tidy internal layout. Remove the screws, and then the outer plate of the motherboard can be taken out. Be careful and not get the screws missing. By the way, Magic 2 has two kinds of screws.

Next, take out the battery slowly and avoid not to disfigure the battery. According to Huawei official party, the Honor Magic 2 sports a 3500mAh battery which supports 40W fast charging technology. The phone can get 50% charged within fifteen minutes and 80% charged within thirty minutes. Other phones’ battery uses one cable, but the Magic 2’s gets two cables. Now, we need to remove the motherboard and camera. Disconnect the camera cable and take out the cameras.

The module on the left consists of the 24MP black-and-white camera and 16MP colorful camera. As for the component on the right, it is a 16MP ultra-wide angle camera. This 16MP rear camera provides a 117-degree viewing angle with F/2.2 aperture. This is the motherboard after we removed the cameras. The next step is to take out the three cameras on the front. Its front three-camera setup is made up of two 2MP infrared cameras and one 16MP main camera.

The infrared camera is placed in the part circled red, while the main camera is in the part circled blue. The following is the three cameras that the phone features in the front. Its 16MP main camera is in the middle, while the 2MP infrared cameras are on two sides. This is the speaker. Remove the motherboard. From the picture, we can see the silicone on the motherboard.

This component is the HiSilicon Hi6421 power management chip which is on the front of the motherboard. It’s the front part of the motherboard. The component circled red is the SK Hynix H9HKNNNFBMBU LPDDR4X memory chip. The part circled blue is the HiSilicon Hi1103 Wi-Fi chip module. As for the component circled yellow, it is the Toshiba THGAF8T0T43BAIR 128 GB flash. We assume that the Kirin 980 chip is below the LPDDR4X.

This is the back part of the motherboard. Remove the motherboard, and the middle framework of aluminum alloy can be seen. Take out the screw and the middle framework. Then, we can see its five-track slide-out structure. We have marked the five tracks in the picture.

It’s the upper part of the screen’s back. The video shows how the five-track slide-out structure works. Now, remove the vice board. The speaker is in the lower right corner. On the right of the speaker is the vibrating motor. It’s the vice board.


This is the speaker, and it’s the vibrating motor.

Limited by tools, we haven’t taken out the screen. If the screen is removed, its slide-out structure and the under-the-screen optical fingerprint reader module. Even so, the Honor Magic 2 has proved to a flagship-level product with its reasonable internal layout and high-performance hardware components.



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