OnePlus 9 Pro Adopt Adaptive Frequency Technology: 1Hz-120Hz Automatic Adjustment

OnePlus 9 series will be released on March 23. This morning, OnePlus continue to bring news about the phones. OnePlus said on Weibo: OnePlus 9 Pro is equipped with the next-generation screen material LTPO, which is the first screen to support adaptive refresh rate from 1Hz to 120Hz, we are once again leading the industry! It greatly reduces the power consumption of high frame screen display, making it no longer difficult to choose between high refresh rate and power consumption.

OnePlus cooperates with Samsung Display has self-developed adaptive frequency technology (Adaptive Frequency), which completely releases the potential of the LTPO screen and successfully drops the frequency conversion range from the lowest 10Hz supported by the hardware to 1Hz.

According to the official introduction of OnePlus, OnePlus 9 Pro can freely switch the frame rate between 1Hz-120Hz according to the screen content, which can save up to 50% of power. At the same time, it has developed a “game overclocking response” function in combination with the screen characteristics, and the synchronization frequency is increased. 3 times-6 times, shooting faster and aiming more stable.

In addition to smarter refresh rate technology, the OnePlus 9 Pro screen has obtained the DisplayMate A+ rating, refreshing 13 display records, and has a true 10bit display with 1 billion colors, 8192-level brightness adjustment, automatic color temperature sensing, and other technologies.

It is reported that the LTPO screen has a faster response speed, and the power consumption can be greatly reduced. More importantly, the technology supports a high-range refresh rate adjustment, and can support an adaptive refresh rate adjustment within 120Hz.

Samsung has been equipped with this screen in its flagships in the past two years, but due to technical barriers and other reasons, the previous screen technology can only achieve 10Hz-120Hz adaptive refresh rate switching.

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