Vivo Pad Images Revealed By Officials

The upcoming Vivo Pad has been in leaks for a long time. However, now we can say that the company has finished the era of all leaks and rumors as they officially revealed the preliminary information regarding their upcoming flagship-level tablet.

This evening, Vivo has officially shared the live images of Vivo Pad in which every aspect (in appearance) can be observed. The leaked model has Sky Blue in live photos, but there would also be an option of Deep Space Gray color.

As can be seen, the new Vivo Pad adopts a flat panel design like all trending tablets in the market (like Apple’s iPad Air 4, Mini 6, and the latest 2021 Pro models). The officials also said that the tablet has an all-metal integrated body and is thin and lightweight. However, the company hasn’t disclosed the proper body dimensions and weight; that’s why it is impossible to judge its handling experience at the moment.

After observing it properly, we found some highlights:  the speaker modules and grills are placed at the bottom, the charging port is a USB Type-C port, volume rockers and lock buttons are placed at the right side (at top). Moreover, it features a Dual Camera setup in a circle-shaped module placed in a square area.

The company has also put the keyboard connecting magnets at the backside (on the middle right) as Apple did with its iPad series. No Bluetooth connection would be required, and typing experience would be faster if compared with ordinary Bluetooth keyboards.

It is worth mentioning that the company might also provide a keyboard case option with the tablet, as shown in the images. With the keyboard, tablet usage for office work or online classes would be easy and smooth.

Currently, the officials haven’t revealed the upcoming Vivo Pad specifications detail.


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