Xiaomi phones no longer pre-install Google GMS in the Chinese market

Affected by the US ban, Huawei announced last year that it no longer supports GMS (Google Mobile Services). After Huawei, Xiaomi‘s mobile phones sold in the Chinese market no longer pre-installed with Google GMS. Recently, some Xiaomi users reported to Xiaomi that GMS cannot be installed on their mobile phones.

In response, Xiaomi service staff responded that due to compliance with the policy, Xiaomi MIUI no longer supports the self-installation of GMS. However, some users said that some models that built-in GMS will not be affected. Currently, the affected models include Redmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition, Redmi 10X 5G, etc. But these are not all affected models, Xiaomi has not given a list of specific models.


As an important part of the Android ecosystem, failure to install Google GMS may cause some problems for some mobile phone users, but the impact is actually not significant. In fact, due to the Google services are unavailable in mainland China, mobile phones sold by Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in China no longer have Google GMS pre-installed.

For Xiaomi MIUI no longer supports GMS service, many users say that GMS is not important to them. For the users who are indeed affected, Xiaomi service staff said that these users can go to to search for installation tutorials.

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  1. When you say: “Recently, some Xiaomi users reported to Xiaomi that GMS cannot be installed on their mobile phones.”
    Can you link your source?


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