New Xiaomi’s Under-Display Camera Phone Patent Revealed

For now, the major target for every smartphone manufacturing company is to create a phone with an under-display camera. That’s why we have already seen Huawei’s under-display camera patent phone, which was exposed a week ago.

Today, On 5 June. We have got a patent of an unknown Xiaomi’s under-display camera phone, which also got its authorization today. Moreover, there was another patent applied by Xiaomi for an under-display camera, which was exposed a month ago. But both the patents are different from each other.

The patent we got was applied by Xiaomi on 7 August 2019, and today, it got authorized by the CNIPA. The application number is 201930426669.0.



In the patent, we got the full view of the phone. The phone has a rectangle-shaped display without any camera hole on the screen. On the back, it has a vertical lined camera setup. At left, it has a volume up and down button and a lock screen button. On the right, there is a SIM card slot and an additional button that maybe use for a particular purpose.

Xiaomi Under Display Camera Phone


Xiaomi's Patent (2)

At the bottom, there is a charging port and a speaker. At the top, it got two holes in which one is confirmed to be the 3.5mm headphone, but the other is unknown. It might be a light sensor or any other thing.

For now, there is no more news regarding any upcoming under-display camera phone. If any news comes, you will be updated on our website. So stay tuned!

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