Samsung Galaxy Z Flip2 Colors Variety & Base Storage Option Leaked

We already reported that Samsung has start working on its Galaxy Z Flip2, and after that, the leaks regarding the upcoming foldable flagship have started to reveal. Recently, another leak has been revealed regarding the upcoming foldable device.

As per the famous twitter leakster @hwangmh01, the all-new Galaxy Z Flip2 will be available in the following colors: Light Purple, Black, Green, Beige Matte Grey, White, Dark Blue, Dark Pink.

The leakster also mentioned that the availability of the color variety would depend on the sales region. Come to the storage, the leakster further mentioned that the base storage option for Galaxy Z Flip2 would be 256GB. It would be the same for Galaxy Z Fold3 as well.

The all-new Galaxy Z Flip2 is expected to feature Qualcomm’s latest flagship chipset, “Snapdragon 888.” The chipset is based on a 5nm manufacturing process and also comes with a Cortex-X1 Ultra core (clocked @2.84GHz), which brings the performance to another level.

Moreover, the display configuration and other internal specs are also expected to be upgraded compared to the previous model (Galaxy  Z Flip2).

The all-new Galaxy Z Flip2 is expected to launch along with Samsung’s Z Fold3 in July. The price of both models might reach $2000. Moreover, Samsung will not release any other folding-screen phone this year.

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