ZEEKR 001 FR Official Images Announced: Price Expected Around $139,000

In November 2022, the spy images of ZEEKR 001 got revealed. However, it seems the company is working on another model of ZEEKR 001. A few days before, the spy photos of the suspected ZEEKR 001 facelifted model were exposed on the internet and quickly got viral.

However, today, the ZEEKR officially refuted all these rumors and said there is no plan to change the model of ZEEKR 001. The revealed images belong to the ZEEKR 001 FR, a more powerful version of the standard ZEEKR 001.

Its price is expected to be around 1 million yuan ($138,600) and will be unveiled at the ZEEKR Technology Evolution Day event. The officials haven’t announced whether it is a power performance model or not.

As can be seen from the official images, ZEEKR 001 FR adopts a radical carbon fiber aerodynamic kit that covers the front lip, side lip, rear diffuser, rear wing, and roof too. It is also observed that the front shovel is added under the front bumper, the air ducts on both sides and orange decorations are added to make it sporty.

Additionally, a fixed rear wing has been added to the back, complemented by an under-rear enclosure diffuser and air duct designs along the body’s sides. The ZEEKR 001 FR model also boasts lightweight, high-performance forged wheels and carbon ceramic brake discs, all contributing to heightened handling and driving stability.

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